Bihar rescues two young Assamese girls who had been missing since February 12: Police

Police said on Friday that two girls, ages 15 and 16, who vanished from the Jorhat district of Assam on February 12 had been found in Bihar.

On February 12, the girls from Jorhat’s Mariani town in the Kalyanpur district vanished, and the next day, their relatives filed a missing person’s report.

Preliminary reports state that their family members discovered them at a train station as they were traveling back to Assam from Bengaluru and saved them.

The family members claim that they phoned the girls on their cell phones and persuaded them to go back home.

“We discovered that they were traveling when we tracked down their cell phones in Bengaluru. On Thursday, however, their parents notified us that the girls had been rescued from the area around the Malda railway station in West Bengal, according to authorities.

According to the family, they were attempting to determine why the two daughters had left the house.

“Due to the trauma the girls had to endure, family members also urged that they not be questioned right now,” a senior police official said.

The family members said, however, that the officers ignored their requests and acted carelessly.

Since the girls are both underage, we were concerned that human traffickers could have abducted them. But the cops disregarded the issue in spite of our pleas,” the family members said.

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