After her 12th failure, Medha Shankr claims that directors and producers messaged her, saying, “I hope I get to work.”

Following the film’s OTT release, actor Medha Shankr, who made her big screen debut in the critically acclaimed “12th Fail,” said she received a deluge of congratulations.

The Hindi movie, which stars Vikrant Massey and Shankr, is based on the best-selling book by Anurag Pathak, which details the amazing journey of IRS officer Shraddha Joshi and IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma.

“12th Fail,” which was directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, made almost Rs 70 crore globally when it opened in October of last year, surprising everyone at the box office. Its reach was further expanded two months later with the digital release on Disney+ Hotstar.

When “12th Fail” began to stream, Shankr, who portrayed Shraddha Joshi in the film, said she felt a lot of affection from everyone.

“I experienced success following the OTT release due to the support I received from the industry and other online communities.” My Instagram took off like crazy. In an interview with PTI, the actress said, “This is just my first film, and people have been incredibly kind to me.”

“Not only were the audiences wonderful to work with, but the fraternity directors, producers, and actors also reached out to me, called, and messaged to express their admiration for the film and my work.” She said, “I pray and hope that I get to work with the sort of filmmakers I’ve always wanted to work with.

The movie, which was released in theaters 25 weeks ago, is based on Anurag Pathak’s 2019 nonfiction book of the same name.

Shankr expressed her abundance of thankfulness. Twenty-five weeks of filming. It’s large. For now, all we can do is savor that moment. Undoubtedly, technology has created additional options and pathways. But for now, I’m simply savoring the occasion. Every single performer in the movie as well as the director, are held in the highest esteem by the public. The crowd looks at us as if we’ve inspired and motivated them. That respect is quite valuable in someone’s perspective,” she said.

The actress, who was born in Noida and has previously appeared in supporting parts in films like “Beecham House,” “Shaadisthan,” and “Dil Bekaraar,” estimated that it took her around six years to break through.

It has taken me five and a half years since moving to Bombay to see a movie like this. I had worked on various projects before, but I hadn’t received the type of notoriety I was hoping for. It took a while for this movie to come to be. Shankr said that all one has to do is have faith in oneself and persevere.

“We have to start again every day of our life because self-doubt will always seep in. There will be a lot of bad discussion. But you have to persevere and have faith in yourself. “Being your own worst enemy and your best friend, you must have the confidence in yourself that no one else can give you. Thus, you must be kind to yourself and go on,” she said.

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