TV's 'Parvati' saw the appearance of the son for the first time to the fans, the picture showed Krish sitting on the mother's lap

TV's 'Parvati' saw the appearance of the son for the first time to the fans, the picture showed Krish sitting on the mother's lap

Mumbai: When a celebrity couple gives birth to a child, their fans go crazy to get a little glimpse of the stars' stars. Where many stars share their picture on the social site only after the birth of the child. At the same time there are some couples who share the picture of the child but do not show his face. One such couple is Pooja Banerjee and her husband Kunal Verma.

Pooja and Kunal have been hiding their son Krishi's face for a long time, but now they have shown the fans a glimpse of Ladle for the first time. Couple shared a picture when the son is three months old.

In this picture, Pooja Krishna is seen in the lap. Kunal is sitting next to him there. This family picture of Pooja is becoming quite viral on the social site. Fans are very fond of these pictures of him.  

Please tell that Pooja revealed her pregnancy amid lockdown. Pooja Banerjee married her boyfriend and famous TV actor Kunal Verma in April 2020. Pooja and Kunal had been dating each other for a long time.

Talking about work, Pooja Banerjee has been seen in TV's famous show Tujh with Preet Laga Sajna, The Kapil Sharma Show, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. Pooja played the role of Goddess Parvati in Mahadev, the god of gods. Pooja gained a lot of recognition through this character. Apart from TV serials, Pooja has also shown her acting in films.

Bigg Boss 14: Tragic accident occurred outside the set, Talent manager Pista Dhakkar died

Bigg Boss 14: Tragic accident occurred outside the set, Talent manager Pista Dhakkar died

Bad news has come out from the set of Bigg Boss. Major incident of 2 team members outside the set of the show. Talent manager Pista Dhakad of the show has died in this accident. Actually, on Friday, the show's team shot the weekend war with Salman Khan. After packup, Pista left from her scooty. The road was dark, Scooty slipped into a pit and both fell.

When the pistachio fell, a vanity van was coming from behind and inadvertently climbed on top of the pistachio. The 24-year-old pistachio died on the spot. Let us know that Pista has also worked in the player of dangers besides Bigg Boss. He had a good bond with many actors and all are shocked by the death of Pista.

However, so far no statement has come from the show's makers or Salman, nor is there any information about the other person.

No one will be out this week

This week, no contestant will be homeless from home in Weekend War. All contestants have survived being eliminated this week. However, Salman Khan is going to have a class of contestants in the weekend war. Promos of the show have come out in which Salman, Sonali Phogat will be applying the most class.

In fact, Sonali had abused Rubina and told Nikki that her guards outside Bigg Boss would see the actress. Now Salman will teach them a lesson on these antics of Sonali. Salman says to Sonali that you will teach this to your daughter who is watching the show.

Rubina supported

Salman explains to Abhinav Shukla that he is behaving wrongly with wife Rubina Dilac. They should support Rubina. Hearing Salman, Rubina is unable to control her tears and starts crying.

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