Uttarakaanda, Starring Daali Dhananjaya and Dr. Shivarajkumar, Takes Off

Finally, Uttarakaanda, a highly anticipated production in the Kannada film industry starring Daali Dhananjaya and Dr. Shiva Rajkumar, is taking place. The first shoot, which is being directed by Rohith Padaki, has started at Vijayapura and will last for the next two weeks. It has been said that the creators purposefully took a gap in order to concentrate even more on painstaking preparation and study.

Since the whole movie is set in Uttara Karnataka dialect and explores the authenticity of North Karnataka culture, a lot of ideation has gone into the project. The cast and crew are excited about the picture, which has entered theaters today with a solid action plan in place. The creators believe that everyone is eager for the filming to begin.

“I am thrilled and anticipating Uttarakaanda’s launch, which everyone is looking forward to.” The planning, execution, and preparation for this movie were quite time-consuming. Together with the producers, I slept little at night and gave it all I had to realize our goal on television. With people like Dhananjaya and Shivanna, it is much more our duty to provide high-quality content. Rohith said, “KRG and I will stop at nothing to give the fans what they deserve.”

The cast revealed that Chaithra J. Achar, of Sapta Sagaradaache Ello fame, would play Lacchi, while Toby would be the female protagonist. For the shoot, the crew is now in Bijapur. Yesterday was the first day Chaithra began filming her scenes.

Daali Dhananjaya and Dr. Shivaraj Kumar play the main roles in the movie. Karthik Gowda and Yogi G Raj are producing it under the KRG Studios label. Amit Trivedi will compose the music. For the cinematography, Advaitha Gurumurthy will take charge, while Vishwas Kashyap has been brought on board for production design.

Originally slated to be a one film, Uttarakaanda was eventually divided into two segments that focus on North Karnataka’s gangs. A preview for Dhananjaya’s character Gabru Sathya, who is raw and rustic and has won over netizens with the right amount of regional lingo, was previously published by the team. According to the creators, the lengthy preparation required to guarantee that the North Karnataka area is depicted as accurately as possible is the reason for the shoot’s delay.