Does Desi Ghee Really Increase Weight? Know expert's opinion

Does Desi Ghee Really Increase Weight? Know expert's opinion

Eating desi ghee is very beneficial for health, but people keep distance from it for weight loss. Actually, people feel that desi increases weight. This is the reason why people do not consume desi ghee while losing weight. Let us tell you what the experts think about it.

Does desi ghee increase weight?
Desi ghee rich in calories, fat, saturated fat, vitamins, is beneficial for heart, stomach, skin, hair. People misunderstand that desi ghee increases weight while it is not. According to dietician, eating ghee does not increase weight according to weight, length, age and daily physical activity. It contains healthy calories. In such a situation, if you want to lose weight, you can eat one spoon of ghee a day.

What do the experts say?

According to experts, the nutrients present in it increase immunity but still it should be consumed in the limit. According to experts, ghee is 99% fat and 1% moisturizer so consuming 2 tsp of ghee will not cause any harm. If you do not want to eat market ghee, then you can make desi ghee at home too, which will be absolutely safe for health.

At what age, how much ghee should be eaten daily?
Pregnant & Breastfeed Women: 3 spoon
10 to 17 year old children: 3 spoon
3 to 9 year old child: 2-3 spoon
7-24 month
old child: 2-3 spoon Adult male and female: 2 spoon

Cow or buffalo, which ghee is more beneficial?
According to experts, A2 cow ghee is beneficial for good health. This low fat and calorie ghee is helpful in controlling metabolism and reducing weight. It also makes the body strong in detox and immune system. Apart from this, intestines, bones, hair, skin and joints also remain healthy.

Let us now know the tremendous benefits of desi ghee…

. Desi ghee rich in butyric acid is beneficial in the intestines of the stomach.
. Massaging with desi ghee relieves joint pain.
. Desi ghee is also beneficial for glowing skin and long hair.
. Mixing 1/2 teaspoon of desi ghee in 1 glass of milk removes the problem of sleeplessness.
. This not only intensifies the light of the eyes, but desi ghee also removes the heaviness, irritation and weakness of the eyes.
. Consuming desi ghee also helps in clearing blood and increasing blood circulation.
. By adding 2 drops cow's desi ghee in the nose, the problem of migraine is also overcome.
. Consuming desi ghee also makes bones strong, so do consume it in the diet.

Note: Keep in mind that if you are suffering from any disease, then consult your expert before eating ghee. Stay connected with "Nari Kesari" for other health related information.