New Zealand will invest $4 million to support teens who have experienced breakups

New Zealand will invest $4 million to support teens who have experienced breakups

We are aware of the pain associated with breakups, the New Zealand government said in a press statement on Wednesday to introduce the 'Love Better' campaign. The effort is the government's strategy for preventing family injury, and it aims to instill in younger generations a lifelong attitude of "dealing well with being harmed."

The initiative is being managed by the nation's social development ministry and has a $4 million projected budget over three years. In an effort to have a positive influence on how young people approach future relationships, the project "will help young people through these formative experiences," according to the statement.

Priyanca Radhakrishna, assistant minister for social development and employment, revealed the inspiration for the campaign: "Over 1,200 young Kiwis told us they need assistance to cope with early experiences of love and pain, and break-ups were recognized as a frequent difficulty."

The initiative, which uses the hashtag "own the emotions," encourages young people to share their experiences in order to support their friends who could be going through a similar situation. The government thinks that having actual accounts spread throughout many social media sites would be a genuine approach to help young people develop resilience, strength, and self-worth as they learn to deal with difficult emotions.

Radhakrishnan said that "New Zealand has horrible statistics of family and sexual violence and we need creative techniques to stop the pattern." According to a government poll, 87% of 16 to 24 year old New Zealanders who have been in a relationship have gone through damage beyond a "normal breakup," according to the Guardian.

While applauding the campaign, Marama Davidson, Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence and Sexual Violence, said that it was in line with the government's objective to foster healthy everyday relationships. The government's implementation of Te Aorerekura, New Zealand's first-ever national strategy to end family violence and sexual violence, is continued by the campaign, she said.