Chandrasekhar Rao adds, “Vote for us, and we’ll make sure the ‘Lilliputian’ government keeps its promises.”

BRS president and former chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao attacked Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy sharply on Tuesday, stating that “sometimes, Lilliputs come to power by luck.”

Speaking at a public gathering in Sultanpur to solicit support for the party’s Zaheerabad and Medak candidates, Rao declared: “The Congress should serve out its whole term in government since it won the state’s Assembly elections. We don’t feel envious of their success. After five years in office, the public will be able to identify the excellent party.

He said, however, that based on survey results, the Congress will only win two seats in the state’s Lok Sabha since the populace and farmers had already begun to rebel against the administration.

“Ambedkar should be respected by all”

“Who will join the BJP is unknown. The chief minister made a statement to TV stations in Delhi that is somewhat at odds with his statements made in the state. The head of BRS asked viewers to determine which member of the BJP’s B-team is speaking.

Rao said that on Monday, the “Lilliputian” administration neglected to pay floral respects to the Ambedkar monument next to the Secretariat. Even the statue’s gates were closed. Whoever had erected the statue makes no difference. Ambedkar should be respected by everybody,” he said.

The BRS administration even refurbished the Yadagirigutta temple. What is the purpose of doing pujas there, then? The BRS administration even built the residential quarters for MLAs. These are the quarters where Congress MLAs are staying. The government of BRS built the new Secretariat building. Rao stated, “That is why I am referring to it as a Lilliputian government.”

Rao said, “The Lilliputs even put the construction of Sangmeswara and Basaveswara projects in cold storage,” and he questioned the populace about whether they ought to remain silent in the face of such shelved projects and disrespect shown to the architect of the Constitution.

He urged voters to support the BRS in order to put pressure on the state administration to carry out the promises made by Congress, such as the remission of agricultural loans and other benefits. He urged people to join the postcard initiative, started by former minister T Harish Rao, to force the administration to carry out its promises. Rao said that BRS activists were being harassed by the police and that BRS need to cease these kinds of actions.

requests that DGP alter his mode of operation

The head of BRS demanded that the DGP alter his methods, claiming that BRS would retake control. Rao said, “Otherwise, people will rebel against you.”

Claiming that BRS activist Salwaja Madarao of Peddapalli was jailed by the police for his social media statements and that a case had been filed against him, Rao requested that the DGP conduct an investigation into the event by a senior IPS officer and drop the charges against the BRS activist.

He said that the current state of the farmers was pitiful.

“Farmers are not receiving bonuses or the minimum support price from the government. As soon as the Lok Sabha election process is concluded, the government ought to disburse the bonus, he said.

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