Will Modi somehow outmaneuver Gehlot’s welfare argument? Congress and BJP’s future in Rajasthan is sealed with EVMs

Can Modi use his powers to make Ashok Gehlot, the “magician,” disappear? The answer to this significant query is sealed in the electronic voting machine (EVO), as 68.24% of Rajasthan’s 5.6 crore voters used their right to vote till 5 p.m. The Election Commission will update the final data as soon as it is will modi somehow outmaneuver gehlots welfare argument congress and bjps future in

On Saturday, there were a few small altercations and instances of stone-throwing in Rajasthan’s 199 constituencies where voting concluded.

Reports of the fights came from the seats of Kama and Nagar in Bharatpur. In the Sikar district’s Fatehpur, groups of different political parties stoned one other, injuring three individuals, including a police officer.

In a same vein, police said that two persons were hurt during a brawl between supporters in Abdulpur village, Badi seat, Dholpur district.

An argument between a candidate’s supporters and police was also seen in Sanvaler hamlet of Kama Assembly Seat. The supporters attempted to enter the booth, but the Border Security Force (BSF) stopped them and fired shots into the air.

At all these locations, the paramilitary troops were in charge of the situation.

Despite the fact that 200 seats were up for election, the poll for one Karanpur seat was postponed due to the passing of Congress candidate Gurmeet Kunnar.


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