Worshippers assemble to present “Argha” to the ascending Sun during Chhath Puja

Devotees gathered on the banks of the Ganga river at Digha Ganga Ghat in Patna on Monday morning in anticipation of the last day of the four-day Chhath Puja celebration, when they worshipped the rising Sun.
In the meanwhile, a crowd gathered in Gautam Nagar’s Central Park in Delhi to worship to “Chhath Maiya.” worshippers assemble to present argha to the ascending sun during chhath puja oip

We have been doing this since we were little. This is what we do each year. We do it because ‘Chhath Maiya’ promises pleasure in our family, a devotee told ANI.

Considered the festival of purity, benevolence, and religion, Chhath began its four-day celebration on Friday.

During the Chhath Pooja event, worshippers give sacrifices to the rising and setting sun. The believers who were fasting will break their fast and offer sacrifices to the rising sun on Monday morning.

Every year, states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Bengal celebrate Chhath Puja with great enthusiasm. Nonetheless, a sizable population from the aforementioned states resides in the nation’s capital, where festivities are also observed.

In particular, devotees fast and worship the sun in order to wish for long life and the health of their family members. They also pray for the fulfillment of their hopes and dreams.

It is said that the celebration of Chhath began in Nepal’s hilly areas after the country’s political transition in 1990, which brought democracy back to the Himalayan nation.

It is thought that benefits would come from a person’s deepest wants and prayers. Only items that are regarded as pure are eaten throughout the fasting period, and maintaining cleanliness is one of the top priorities.

This event is celebrated with much pomp, saw a high percentage of female involvement, and is also seen as a chance to relax and take a vacation from housework.


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