The “Fat Free At 43” Journey of Ankur Warikoo Is Connected To Farhan Akhtar

Anything is possible with enough willpower, including achieving professional goals and improving one’s health via weight loss. Ankur Warikoo is one such case; in his 40s, the businessman realized that, despite having a prosperous profession, his health had suffered. In a short amount of time, Ankur realized his ambition after setting out on a transformational journey with the will to change. Ankur recently published his incredible experience on social media, revealing that he dropped from weighing 79 kg to 69 kg and had six pack abs. He also said that he will be producing a film to encourage people to give their health and lifestyle a higher priority. Ankur gave actor-director Farhan Akhtar credit in his X post for motivating him to start a fitness adventure at the age of 43.

Ankur uploaded a photo of himself showing off his toned abs in a stunning black and white photo. The public speaker included a before and after photo of his metamorphosis trip in the post. He seemed overweight in one photo, yet fit and confidently lifting weights in another. The businesswoman shared the photo and remarked, “43 and fat free. A video chronicling the trip will be released on the 20th, with the goal of encouraging people to take control of their health. precisely one year apart. 79 kg is more than 69 kg. Only ten kilograms, yet wholly different.

The actor Farhan Akhtar appeared on an HT brunch cover posted on social media by Ankur Warikoo. He disclosed that the allusion to becoming “fat free at 43” originated after he saw this cover a number of years ago and resolved to reach a comparable level of fitness by the time he was 43.

Ankur Warikoo spoke about his fitness journey and how working out became a big part of his life in a prior interview with Business Today. He acknowledged that he wasn’t a morning person at first, but a hip operation that required him to spend three months in bed and five more months using crutches served as a wake-up call. Ankur was compelled by this encounter to alter his routine entirely. These days, the business owner spends six days a week working out at the gym from 6:15 to 7:45 a.m. He even makes it a point to stay in hotels with fully functional gyms and allots a minimum of fifteen to thirty minutes for working out when on the road.