Police Trace Their Steps: “Salman Khan House Firing Suspects Came To Mumbai In March, Bought Bike For Rs 24k”

A Mumbai court has detained the alleged “shooters” in the Salman Khan home fire case until April 25. Vicky Gupta, 24, and Sagar Pal, 21, the accused, were taken into custody late on Monday in Bhuj, Gujarat.

The accused allegedly did three reconnaissances of the home of Bollywood actors, according to the Mumbai Police. A senior officer said, “The language used in a Facebook post was threatening, and the role of Anmol Bishnoi—brother of incarcerated gangster Lawrence Bishnoi—is visible.”

Salman Khan was forewarned by Lawrence Bishnoi that the assault at his Bandra, Mumbai, home on Sunday was a “first and final warning.”

On Tuesday, the Mumbai Police said that they had received information from the crime branch suggesting the gunman may be in Gujarat. The police concluded that “they were probably carrying weapons.”

To find the accused, the police organize into twelve squads. Late on Monday night, the teams departed for Gujarat and notified the Bhuj Police. Throughout the whole operation, Mumbai Police was assisted by four Gujarat Police officials.

According to the police, the offenders were apprehended near Nakhatrana, 58 kilometers from Bhuj. The Mata nu Madh shrine was where the suspects were hiding.

Mumbai Police said, “We used both human and technical intelligence to crack the case.”

The two defendants are native to Bihar’s Champaran area. Vicky and Sagar Pal live in nearby Champaran villages, and Sagar Pal phoned her from his job in Haryana.

The police claim that the accused made three reconnaissances of Salman Khan’s home. They spent a considerable amount of time in Mumbai doing the reconnaissance.

The defendant arrived in Mumbai on February 28. They were seen on February 29 and March 1 in the vicinity of Taj Lands End, Bandra.

The traveled to Panvel on March 1st to rent a home. The accused deposited a deposit of Rs 10,000 for a Panvel property they were renting for Rs 3,500 a month. The rent agreement had an 11-month validity period and was dated March 10. For the agreement, both accused utilized their Aadhaar cards, and cash was used as payment. Salman Khan’s farmland was 10 miles distant from the home.

After celebrating Holi in Champaran, they returned to Mumbai on April 1. The bike that was utilized to conduct the fire was bought on April 2 for twenty-four thousand rupees. They received the weapon in Mumbai. Sagar Pal shot, according to the police.

Bullets were fired toward the location where Salman waved to his followers, which is where the police think the accused had meant to strike.

Following the incident, the two suspects went from Mumbai to Kutch via road. They drove from Vakola in Mumbai to Surat, then from Surat to Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad to Kutch in state busses.