After the BJP came to power, 80 Naxalites were killed in Chhattisgarh: Amit Shah On The Kanker Encounter

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the Center’s battle against naxalism and terrorism gained pace in Chhattisgarh following the installation of the BJP administration in the state, one day after 29 Naxalites were killed in one of the greatest operations by security personnel in the Kanker district of the state.

In the three months after the government’s establishment, more than 80 Naxalites were slain in Chhattisgarh, more than 125 were taken into custody, and more than 150 surrendered. The Home Minister told ANI, “I have every confidence that it will continue in the future as well and that we will eradicate naxalism from the nation very soon, led by Modi ji.”

He went on, “Security forces in Chhattisgarh had tremendous success yesterday. Since Modi ji took office as prime minister, the BJP administration has waged an ongoing war against terrorism and Naxalism.

Shah said that the Saffron Party began erecting camps in 2014 and that by 2019, at least 250 had been established.

More than a dozen of the 29 Maoists who were slain in the battle on Tuesday were women who were attempting to defend the men from troops attacking them while brandishing lethal weapons.

The operation may have effectively prevented a significant Naxal strike, and it occurred only two days before the first round of the Lok Sabha elections.

In the past four months, BSF has established eight camps in Kanker, three of which are new. The BSF Company Operating Base was around 12 kilometers from the area of Tuesday’s operations.

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