Karnataka BJP MLAs Demand Strict Action For Offenders, Hold Protests Against “Pro-Pakistan” Slogans

Bengaluru: On Thursday, Karnataka BJP MLAs demonstrated against the purported “Pakistan Zindabad” chants that were being chanted outside the Karnataka legislature by gathering within Vidhan Soudha grounds. Strict measures against the parties concerned were requested by the demonstrators. Notably, the BJP MLAs demonstrated by yelling anti-government chants in protest of the state government’s claimed failure to apprehend those responsible for the pro-Pakistani banner.

Which BJP Slogans Were They? MLAs BJP MLAs spoke in the legislature with slogans like “down down Congress government,” “we want justice,” and “arrest the clulprits.”

Opposition Leader R Ashok said, “It has been 24 hours and the administration has not taken any action. What should we anticipate from them?

Karnataka CM’s Reaction
Chief Minister Siddaramaiah responded to the protest organized by BJP lawmakers by stating that the government has sent the voice report to the FSL and that stringent measures would be implemented upon receipt of the report.

“The administration is dedicated, as I’ve previously told you; once the report is out, nobody will be spared. It has been provided for FSL. As soon as the report is received, we will act,” the Chief Minister said.

He also criticized the federal government for not moving to remove party MP Ananth Kumar Hegde after he allegedly made comments on amending the Constitution.

“Not the BJP and RSS; did they ever struggle for freedom? We are the ones who battled for independence. Siddaramaiah said, “Did Golwalkar participate and they’re teaching us patriotism who doesn’t respect democracy and constitution.”

“These are the people who said we came to power to change the constitution; the PM and the BJP members did not take any action against Ananth Kumar Hegde at that time,” he said.

Views Of Syed Nasser Regarding Alleged Slogans
Syed Naseer Hussain, a Congress MP, denied the Bharatiya Janata Party’s allegation on Wednesday that his followers shouted pro-Pakistani chants inside the Vidhana Sabha, according to an ANI report.

“I understand the BJP’s annoyance. The BJP-JDS have been severely beaten in spite of their alliance and use of every tactic to get another Rajya Sabha seat from Karnataka.

“‘Naseer Sahab Zindabad, Naseer Khan Zindabad, Naseer Khan Zindabad’ was being chanted by the supporters,” he claimed.

He said that he did not hear anybody shouting the “Pakistan Zindabad” slogan in the Vidhana Soudha.

How a Slogan Caused Dispute
The followers of Syed Naseer Hussain, the recently elected Rajya Sabha MP, allegedly yelled pro-Pakistanic remarks, according to a complaint the BJP filed at the Vidhan Soudha Police Station in Karnataka on Wednesday.

Some of Hussain’s supporters reportedly yelled “Pakistan-Zindabad” in jubilation as soon as the returning officer declared Hussain’s win, according to the complaint made by BJP lawmakers.

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