Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, asserts that the “BJP Bharat Chodo” slogan is being heard all throughout India

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, said on Saturday that the cry of “BJP Bharat Chodo” (BJP Quit India) is resonating across the nation since the central government failed to take appropriate action against the perpetrators of the violence in Manipur.

Banerjee said in an audio message that the cry “BJP Quit India” is resonating throughout the country today, much like Mahatma Gandhi’s demand for the Quit India fight against British rule.

“We favor the overthrow of the BJP. Their leaders should be removed from office; we are not asking that they leave the nation. The BJP left India. She allegedly said that INDIA (the opposition coalition) will beat the saffron party.


Banerjee said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi can’t speak on corruption,” in reference to the criticism the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led administration is receiving over “PM Care funds, Rafale deal, and demonetisation.”


After PM Modi virtually addressed the G20 Anti-Corruption Ministerial Meet in Kolkata and said that India has a firm “zero-tolerance” policy against corruption, Mamata Banerjee made her remarks. As he addressed the nation’s problems in the Lok Sabha, PM Modi also charged the opposition parties with creating negativity and mentioned their “running away.”


When questioned about it, Banerjee said, “The BJP-led government at the Centre has not taken any action against those involved in atrocities in the Northeastern State.”


The prime minister is deceiving the country, she said. He is making unsupported claims. The BJP opposes the existence of any impoverished people in the nation. He is unable to discuss corruption since the BJP administration is the target of several graft claims, including those involving the PM Care fund, the Rafale (aircraft) deal, the sale of defense PSUs, and demonetization.


Further, Banerjee said that PM Modi did not move to combat corruption within his own party and that Bhartiya Janata Party members were accountable for a number of fatalities during the state’s recent election-related violence. She allegedly remarked, “They (the BJP) have killed 15–16 people during rural elections in West Bengal, too.”


The TMC and the INDIA bloc of the opposition, according to Banerjee, would never consent to the country’s adoption of the Uniform Civil Code.


“We won’t let UCC to enter the nation in the same manner as we halted the NRC (National Register of Citizens) and CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). They should cease using federal agencies to intimidate state governments run by opposition parties since the Union administration would only be in office for six months, she added.


She also criticized the prime minister for “stopping” money from the MGNREGA program going to West Bengal.


“The only purpose of halting the funding is to make sure that West Bengal becomes bankrupt. By employing the Raj Bhavan, the Centre is attempting to establish a parallel government in the states. He should care about BJP-ruled states first, she said, before criticizing West Bengal.


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