PM Modi congratulates the top candidates in UPSC Civil Services 2023 and says that unsuccessful candidates’ journeys are “not over.”

The list of applicants who passed the Civil Services Exam (CSE) 2023 has been made public by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). 1016 people in all have been suggested for appointments. The prime minister encouraged the applicants who didn’t make the cut this time while also congratulating the winning candidates.

He commended the victorious candidates for their diligence, tenacity, and commitment. He emphasized to individuals who fell short of their goals that while obstacles might be difficult, they should never give up. Additionally, he urged students to investigate the “vast possibilities ahead.”

“I extend my congratulations to everyone who passed the Civil Services Examination in 2023. Their diligence, tenacity, and commitment have paid off, signaling the beginning of a fruitful career in public service. Their work will have a lasting impact on our country’s future. I hope everything goes well for them, he said on the microblogging platform X. (sic)

“I want to encourage individuals who did not pass the Civil Services Examination to keep going if they have setbacks; it’s not the end of the road. Exam success is possible in the future, but beyond that, India offers a plethora of options for your skills to be fully realized. Strive on and take advantage of all the opportunities that lie ahead. Best wishes from all of us,” he said.

A total of 180 individuals have been chosen for the IAS, 200 for the IPS, and 37 for the IFS. 613 applicants were chosen for different Grade A positions with the Central Government as a result of these exams. 113 applicants in all have been chosen for the Grade B positions. The exam’s best scorer was Aditya Srivastava, who was followed by Animesh Pradhan, who received the All Indian Rank 2 and Donuru Ananya Reddy, who received the rank 3.

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