Rahul swipes at PM Modi, snipes at Pinarayi

At a UDF event in Kozhikode on Monday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched a fierce assault on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling electoral bonds the “biggest extortion racket on the planet.”

Additionally, the Wayanad Congress candidate criticized Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan for “sparing” Modi and going after him instead.

Rahul said, “The Supreme Court believes the electoral bond scheme is illegal, but the prime minister says it was created to bring transparency to India’s political system.”

He said that businesses that gave to the BJP were awarded contracts valued at billions of rupees. Twenty-two individuals are wealthier than 70 crore Indians. This is India’s gift from Modi,” he said.

Rahul said he received threats after criticising the BJP and RSS. “The ED questioned me for fifty-seven hours. I was ejected from the House by the BJP after I made a speech in Parliament. Afterwards, the Supreme Court restored me,” he continued.

Then he outright questioned why Pinarayi had not been subjected to such severe measures by the Modi administration. “The BJP retaliates when someone criticizes it by deploying the CBI and ED. Why isn’t the Kerala chief minister being attacked by the BJP? Ultimately, he said, “two chief ministers—Hemant Soren and Arvind Kejriwal—are now incarcerated.

He questioned, “And why is the chief minister of Kerala attacking me when the BJP is destroying the Constitution, attacking democracy, and dividing the country?” He went on to say that Pinarayi had to set aside some time to criticize both Modi and the BJP.

Earlier in the day, the Congress leader held a road show at Sultan Bathery to kick off his second phase of the Wayanad campaign. Notably, no UDF party flag was flown throughout the road show. Rather, fans held signs and balloons in line.

During the protest, he said, “We did not get freedom from the British to be colonized by the RSS’s ideology.” “One nation, one language, one leader is the idea that the BJP and RSS are attempting to impose.” How is this possible in our nation?

In addition to road performances, Rahul visited Bishop Mar Jose Porunnedom of Mananthavady and went to a farmers’ conference in Pulpally.

Raja and Karat attack Modi

CPM poliburo member Prakash Karat attacked the prime minister, declaring that if Narendra Modi gets re-elected, it would be “goodbye to democracy.” He emphasized that “this election will determine the future of democracy in India” on Monday during an LDF campaign rally in Thiruvananthapuram. “The LDF and UDF are fighting each other in Kerala. However, we also need to view the whole picture of India. A large coalition might potentially establish a different kind of administration, he said. Karat maintained that there was political motivation behind the ED’s investigation into fraud claims involving Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and his daughter. Furthermore, he made it clear that the CPM still qualified as a national party since it was recognized in at least four states.

CPI national secretary D Raja said that the BJP should be defeated in order to preserve the integrity of the constitution at another LDF rally. “Dr. B. R. Ambedkar had proposed measures to prevent the development of a theocratic state in India. But in the last ten years, what have we witnessed? The nation is being divided along religious lines by the BJP administration. He said, “Modi is the biggest disaster India has ever seen.” Raja went on to say that the Union government was failing to provide jobs, and young Indians were fleeing to Israel in quest of work, sometimes ending up dead there.