Ten-day NIA detention for accused in the Bengaluru café blast

On a three-day transit remand, a group of National Investigation Agency (NIA) personnel flew mastermind Adbul Matheen Taha and bomber Mussavir Hussain Shazeb, the two suspects in the Rameshwaram Cafe explosion case, to Bengaluru in the late evening.

The two were brought before the Bengaluru NIA court on Saturday, and the judge remanded them to police custody for a period of ten days. They are going to be brought to Shivamogga for further examination.

Since 2019, Taha has been crucial to almost all Karnataka terror-related cases. Al Hind IS, a self-declared terror group, is said to have him as a member. Mehboob Pasha, Khaja Moideen, also known as Jalal, of Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, and his colleagues reportedly created the group in Bengaluru in 2019. A Hindu politician in Tamil Nadu is said to have been killed by the module.

“The ‘Al Hind IS’ module is a group of mercenaries, even though their goal is to spread terror in south India. This is in contrast to Indian Mujahideen (IM), whose homegrown cadres were brainwashed to be jihadis.”

Their foreign manager assigns them goals and provides incentives; the payment is sent in cryptocurrency. Rewards range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000, according to reliable sources.

In the early hours of Friday morning, the NIA, Central and state police agencies from West Bengal, Karnataka, Telangana, and Kerala, as well as the state of West Bengal’s Contai (Kanthi) district, together conducted an operation that resulted in the arrests of Taha and Shazeb from a low-budget lodge of that name. Recently, Taha and Shazeb, who were living under fake names, checked into the lodge. Sources claim that a group of Bengaluru police and CCB personnel has continuously worked with the NIA to apprehend the two fugitives.

They reportedly traveled to Tamil Nadu’s north Karnataka before arriving in WB, where they reportedly slipped the notice of central authorities that were closely monitoring their activities. In order to gather further information about the two, the NIA has questioned the couple’s friends, family, and college classmates among other acquaintances.

The agency’s photos, CCTV video, and information on Taha and Shazeb, as well as the Rs 10 lakh reward each for reliable information that results in their arrest, have been extensively broadcast around the nation.