A woman discovers a massive cobra concealed behind a gas cylinder

One of the planet’s most hazardous animals is the snake. They are infamously known for being cunning. They often slither into the most challenging positions before cunningly hiding. They may startle people since they are often seen in unexpected places. Snakes like to conceal themselves in cool areas so they may remain undetected for a long period. They may sometimes be discovered in the bathroom, or they can occasionally be discovered sitting inside a shoe. A lady discovered a snake in the kitchen hiding under a gas cylinder in a similar situation.

A large snake was discovered inside a kitchen, according to a video that went popular on the social networking site Instagram. A lady reportedly noticed a hissing sound coming from her kitchen. She continued to hear the sound while she was preparing supper. She first believed the gas leak was the cause, but when she took the cylinder out, she discovered a massive snake hiding behind it. After spotting the enormous snake, the lady reportedly screamed out in fear.

The snake emerges from behind the cylinder in the video and then stands up straight. The snake gets quite protective as it watches out for the lady. Later, the snake can be seen slithering out of the kitchen window.

The height of the snake is among the video’s most terrifying visual elements. The cobra may have possibly attacked the lady because of its length, which seems to be fairly lengthy.

The Instagram post was made by the @kajian50detik page. The video clip quickly gained popularity on social media when it was released. “Be alert before cooking, check in dark areas for safety,” the caption said. Many individuals remarked on the snake and expressed their fear at seeing it. “OMG the snake is so big,” one person said. A another user said, “Looks scary.”

The video has received 2.7 million views and over 41K social media likes thus far.


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