US woman proudly displays her 4-inch beard and refers to it as self-acceptance

Coral Renaie, a 30-year-old American lady, gained notoriety for a somewhat peculiar cause. She began posting images of herself online with a beard. At first, the lady received a lot of criticism from strangers on a regular basis, both offline and online. She is a Kansas native who creates digital content full-time. Coral Renaie enthusiastically decided to quit shaving her beard and began loving her appearance. She said how much she likes her looks and that her partner, Illias, concurs. When Coral was nine years old, she first saw a large hair growth on her face. She began regular facial shaving at the age of 12. Coral shaved every day for the previous 16 years in an effort to uphold the assumed established standards of female beauty until she ultimately gave up shaving for good.

Face hair development is a symptom of Coral Renaie’s Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). She has a 4-inch beard right now and has no plans to shave it anytime soon. In the beginning, it wasn’t always simple being a lady with a beard. She endured regular cruel remarks and strange looks because of how she looked, and she was ridiculed for it.

Coral recently spoke with NeedToKnow and stated, “It has been a really painful journey, physically and emotionally.” She continued by saying that she had previously been embarrassed by her appearance. She began shaving when she was 12 years old and believed that it was her only means of surviving in this world.

Many individuals advised her to regularly shave. Many people used to snap her pictures and often inquired about her gender.

People must understand that my disobedience is the sole quality that sets me apart from everyone else, Coral said. She said that she was happy with herself and that her boyfriend, Illias, had no problems with her hair growing out. In addition, her mother and nieces help her out.

In her conversation, Coral Renaie underlines the value of accepting oneself. She said that she merits affection and enjoyment. Coral feels that he shouldn’t compromise with her predicament any longer after all these years. Since she hasn’t shaved in a few years, she feels good about herself. She also gave her boyfriend credit for his love and support.

“He lets me know that he is my safe place,” Coral remarked.