After welcoming twins, Rubina Dilaik had a breakdown from sleep deprivation: “I Required Assistance”

Mother Rubina Dilaik is a loving person. In addition to her skill as an actor, Dilaik leads a chat show, demonstrating her versatility. The devoted mother, who is returning with a second season of her discussion program “Kisi Ne Bataya Nahi,” sat down to speak this time with Debina Bonnerjee, another recent new mother. The two engaged in an enlightening dialogue, exploring topics such as life after motherhood.

Speaking with Debina, the mother of twin girls, Edhaa and Jeeva, discussed dealing with a wave of emotions after giving birth and how it affected her sleep routine. The actress admitted, “There was an extreme time when I had a complete breakdown,” recalling a period of total breakdown brought on by sleep deprivation. Really, I was thinking, “I need help.” I used to weep every night when I woke up. I began to sense that I needed assistance. I used to weep uncontrollably when I would wake up in the middle of the night, wondering what was wrong with me and realizing that I hadn’t had enough sleep.

Dilaik continued the talk by thanking her husband, Abhinav Shukla for his assistance throughout the difficult period. In an attempt to help her sleep alone in a different room, the former Bigg Boss winner said how Abhinav suggested sleeping with one kid and leaving the other with their mother. The new mother went on to say that she had to be forced to sleep in a separate room by Abhinav, and it took her weeks to finally get a few hours of restful sleep. “But I kept waking up to check the baby monitor, making sure everything was okay,” Rubina said in closing. I would exit the room to find out how things were going, if the infants had burped, and whether their diapers had been changed. I just couldn’t get comfortable.

In the meantime, in November of last year, Rubina and Abhinav experienced parental bliss. Chal Bhajj Chaliye, the actress’s first Punjabi film, was released earlier this month. Inder Chahal played the lead role in the romantic comedy, while Rubina played his love interest.

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