Shah Rukh Khan claims that his height prevents him from playing James Bond: “However, I’m dark enough to play the villain.”

Speaking on Wednesday at the World Government Summit 2024 in Dubai was Shah Rukh Khan. In addition to discussing his ascent to stardom, the actor discussed how he would have wanted to portray the renowned British secret agent James Bond but was unable to do so during the 11th World Government Summit (WGS) held at the Madinat Jumeirah. In the James Bond film series, everyone from Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig has portrayed the fictitious spy.

“I have the skin tone to portray the Bond villain.”
In an interview titled “The Making Of A Star: A Conversation With Shah Rukh Khan,” the actor made light of the fact that he “is not a legend” and said, “I am James Bond,” when asked what his name was. Shah Rukh responded to the question of whether he would want to “play Bond” by saying, “I truly wanted to, but I believe I am too small… However, I have adequate skin tone to be the Bond villain.

About turning down Slumdog Millionaire, Shah Rukh
The actor continued to talk about his 33-year performing career and rise to fame. In response to the question of why he chose not to go to Hollywood, the actor said, “I know many people from the American and the English film industries,” according to a report by Gulfnews.com. However, I haven’t had any excellent job offers, so I started to question whether I was overcommitting. Although I was offered Slumdog Millionaire, I turned it down because I thought the game show presenter job was too cruel.”

Anil Kapoor went on to perform the aforementioned part in Danny Boyle’s 2008 film, which went on to win eight of the ten Oscars in 2009.

The actor’s most recent film was Dunki, which came out in December 2023. Prior to it, Shah Rukh starred in Jawaan and Pathaan, two consecutive action movies. Two of the greatest box office successes of 2023 were these two movies.

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