Mohali: Pilot shares experience in the skies on social media

Following a passenger’s terrifying encounter on a private aircraft trip from Ayodhya to Delhi on April 13, social media was ablaze today. The passenger had complained of “low fuel, around one or two minutes flying time left” before to the jet disembarked at the SBSI Airport here.

The planned arrival time was 430 pm, with a departure time of 3:25 pm.

The pilot reported that there was terrible weather at the Delhi airport at 4:15 p.m. and gave the assurance that the jet had 45 minutes to retain fuel. Twice the pilot tried landing, but inclement weather prevented him from doing so. The pilot said that he would ultimately try to land at Chandigarh at 5:30 p.m. By then, a number of passengers and a crew member had begun vomiting from fear. It took the jet 115 minutes to arrive at the Chandigarh airport at 6:10 p.m. after the 45-minute holding-fuel notice. The user said on social media, “Heard from the crew personnel that we’ve landed just in time with barely one or two minutes of gasoline remaining.

How difficult it was for the travelers. The user said, “DGCA, MoCA, GoI kindly inquire if all SOPs were followed or was it the narrowest escape.”

“Due to bad weather in Delhi on April 13, the flight operating between Ayodhya and Delhi was diverted to Chandigarh,” an airline spokeswoman said in a statement. A go-around was carried out by the captain in accordance with protocol. This is a perfectly safe move. The airplane was always equipped with enough fuel to legally divert to a different airfield.

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