Opinion | Seven Conspiracies and One Grain of Truth Ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections

If nothing else, conspiracy theories are interesting. But in certain instances, are they also instructive? Why do so many intelligent individuals believe conspiracy theories to be true? People who possess the ability to think critically are often adept at seeing trends and contradictions. They are thus more inclined to doubt the government’s version of events. The bright also like feeling different and challenging authority. An obsession with conspiratorial thinking is a certain path to madness. However, one may see the direction of the river by joining invisible dots on the moving political sandbanks.

This election has the potential to accelerate Bharat’s dramatic change, of course. Naturally, before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, there are a lot of rumors, conjectures, and conspiracy theories circulating. Let’s look at the top seven combined hypotheses to see if any trends emerge.

First conspiracy: the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal
The Congress camp is abuzz with rumors that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is in charge of law enforcement organizations like the ED and CBI, planned Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s detention for just before the elections in order to fully remove Congressman Rahul Gandhi from the public eye. Some members of Congress even go so far as to say that countries like the US and Germany, with which India has extremely strong connections, have been pressured to comment on Kejriwal’s detention in order to make it more significant and to significantly reduce Congress’s exposure.

To be sure, the Congress poses a much greater national danger to the BJP than does Kejriwal’s AAP.

Second Conspiracy: Lulus Present to Modi
Lalu Prasad Yadav, the father of the RJD, recently made fun of Modi for not having a family. The BJP seized the moment with lightning speed, as if it had been privy to a lucrative prophesy. Videos and posters featuring “Modi ka Parivar” appeared out of nowhere. It was an echo of the 2014 “chaiwallah” event.

Such self-goals are not unheard of from Mani Shankar Aiyar, the hostile neighborhood blabbermouth of Indian politics. However, Lalu? Not even an elderly and feeble fox relinquishes its cunning with such abandon. Could it be that Lalu gave his family, who had been devastated by his swindle, solace by giving Modi that enormous advance? Does a more powerful BJP in Bihar also eliminate the perennial renegade Nitish Kumar from the Bihar picture?

The question of why Abhishek Banerjee, the powerful but corrupt nephew of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, has not yet been taken into custody by the federal authorities has been the subject of heated speculation in both national and Bengali media. Is it as a result of Modi’s TMC softness?

Or does Mamata want to eventually pressure her nephew to join the BJP? Rumors spread much more quickly than verified facts. Rumor has it that, in order to avoid going to prison, Abhishek has promised to join the BJP with 100–110 TMC MLAs and establish a new government in West Bengal. However, the suggestion was rejected by the highest leadership of the BJP. It seems that Mamata is in favor of this plan. It is intended to serve as her BJP Trojan Horse.

Conspiracy #4: The Southern Intrigue of Sanatan
In Tamil Nadu, the epicenter of Dravidian politics, criticizing Sanatan Dharma or Hinduness is seldom a new development. But knowing that every time they spit poison at Sanatan Dharma, CM MK Stalin, his son Udhayanidhi, and other DMK colleagues like A Raja are driving away Hindu votes from their INDI Alliance allies, why would they do it?

Is it to choke off a much-weakened AIADMK after Jayalalitha’s death and provide political room for a growing BJP in the state? With drug and corruption trials looming, is it just another gift to the BJP ahead of the national elections? Is the BJP overconfident that such assaults won’t hurt the DMK’s voter base and that the Hindutva reaction won’t ever be powerful enough to pose a real threat?

The way that Rahul Gandhi is interacting with the George Soros network, the reports that he has met with the mysterious billionaire who seeks to undermine the people’s choice for Narendra Modi, and his use of Soros’s language when discussing Indian democracy.The Congressman’s position is cast in doubt by the whole list of items.

His secret talks with Chinese officials and his use of Chinese terminology while discussing the incursions into Ladakh thickened the conversation. Is he anxious to use international forces hostile to India to topple Modi?

Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, initially forecasted that the Congress would suffer a devastating loss before its state units would declare their independence from the main party. There was speculation that Karnataka and Telangana Congress units would turn rouge.

The rumors gained new momentum when Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy expressed his respect and fondness for Narendra Modi on a public stage.

On one issue, Indian politics’ Left and Right are in a rare state of agreement. They both think that in order to make significant constitutional amendments, PM Modi needed “abki baar 400 par,” or an astounding majority. That type of majority will be necessary for any constitutional modification that affects the essential rights now outlined in Articles 12-35, for example.

The Right speculates about it with glee, the Left with dismay. What can be learned from such rumors and speculations?

Even though all of the conspiracy theories on this list are completely false, they demonstrate how strong and larger-than-life Modi has become in the eyes of the public and the opposition. It seems as if he can control the most influential people or organizations, as well as his adversaries, to bring about unthinkable results. Other than, to some degree, Indira Gandhi, this type of conjecture would not be conceivable surrounding any other prime minister.

It portrays an Opposition that is broken and content to wait for a miracle. Also, a voter base that is more enthusiastic about the margin than the mandate.