The Villupuram district adopts novel strategies to encourage 100% voter participation

The Villupuram district government has been leading creative efforts for the last month in an effort to boost as much participation as possible in the approaching Lok Sabha elections. Numerous efforts have been made to emphasize the value of voting, ranging from creative representations to underwater protests.

The underwater presentation of a voting paper and poll box by the competitive swimmers in Marakkanam, which represented the depth of their devotion to political engagement, was the most intriguing of these events. In a same vein, transgender individuals gathered to decorate their hands with mehendi that read “100% vote,” symbolizing inclusiveness and solidarity throughout the election process.

at the meanwhile, an intriguing work of sand sculpture representing the Indian map was created at Vanur. It serves as a moving reminder of the variety of the country and the duty of its people to shape its destiny by casting ballots.

In addition, social media profiles and banners with snappy slogans and graphic art were put up across the town. At the Collectorate, a green hut-themed selfie area was set up to promote the idea that every voter matters.

“These creative endeavours by the district administration and local communities are aimed to underscore the significance of every vote and inspire citizens to exercise their democratic right diligently,” additional collector (development) Srutanjay Narayanan told TNIE about the initiative. Additionally, we aim to keep our district’s youthful and first-time voters informed throughout election season.”

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