Bengaluru Police Commissioner Eats Watermelon Instead of Cake on His Birthday

The commissioner of Bengaluru City Police took a novel approach to celebrating his birthday by opting for a watermelon rather than cake in a “fruitful” way. On his birthday, Bengaluru City Police Commissioner B. Dayananda made a healthier choice and was seen slicing a watermelon. His unusual birthday party is captured in a video that has gone viral on social media.

A video of the birthday party that took place over the last weekend was recently posted by an X user, who commended the police commissioner for starting a trend. “Chopping a watermelon on his birthday—@CPBlr Dayananda, IPS Bangalore Police Commissioner, setting a trend.” “Our joint celebrations and health are our top priorities,” he added.

The Bengaluru police commissioner is seen in the video in an open park with a crowd of people who had come to celebrate. He could see people clapping and applauding as he blew out the candles and sliced the watermelon in two.

Online users responded to the video as well, with many applauding the cop for his positive outlook. “Strict officer & honest police commissioner,” a user said. “Happy birthday, sir Jee,” one person said, while another said, “Never seen it this way.” inspiration for other people. But what signals are sent when candles are lit later? Start a western culture that is not ours and rid it of cliched practices.

Another remarked, “I am adoring this kind of attitude.” There have been almost 66,000 views of the video.

B Dayananda, regarded as one of the best police officers in Bengaluru, has also been awarded the United Nations Medal for World Peacekeeping Service in Kosovo (2003–2004) and the President’s Medals for Meritorious Service (2011) Distinguished Service (2022).

The project is now being implemented in places like Chandra Layout and Vijayanagar, and it will soon be extended to other locations. According to The New Indian Express, he said, “The implementation of a volunteer beat requires public cooperation so as to solve cases of robbery and burglary at night.”

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