During Navratri, a Zomato customer received non-vegetarian momos; the company apologized for the “big mix-up.”

A guy recently complained about receiving non-vegetarian momos instead of vegetarian ones and criticized the internet delivery service. This event happened during Chaitra Navratri, a nine-day period during which many Hindus refrain from eating non-vegetarian cuisine. Chaitra Navratri began this year on April 9. Akash Gupta expressed his annoyance on X by posting a picture of the momos box with a red “non-veg” sticker on it. He said, “Hey, Wowmomo, zomato, I’m purely vegetarian and I ordered vegetarian things.” Unfortunately, Navratri is now taking place, therefore, I purchased all non-vegetarian things from your store. How could you have made such a grave error?

Zomato, the meal delivery service, and Wow Momo, the fast food restaurant, responded quickly to this message and supplied the food. In response to Gupta’s question, Zomato responded, “Hey Akash, this is one enormous mix-up. It’s very serious and definitely not in line with our values. Would you please DM the order ID so that we can address this as soon as possible?

In response, Wow Momo commented, “Dear Akash! We really regret any trouble this may have caused. Something like this is not something we would ever want to happen. We would want to speak with you, so please send your invoice and contact information to [email protected]. It’s interesting that Gupta quickly removed his post. Who was at blame and how the issue was remedied are both unknown.

Customers have previously complained about receiving non-vegetarian cuisine instead of vegetarian food. Natasha Bhardwaj, an X user, posted on X in April of last year about her experience ordering biryani rice and aloo from a Swiggy restaurant. Despite the dish’s vegetarian label, she quickly discovered a piece of meat in it. She uploaded screen grabs of her purchase receipt, a picture of the biryani’s “meat” portion, and a screen grab of her chat with Swiggy customer support.

Bhardwaj commented, “If you’re a strict vegetarian (like me), think twice before ordering from Swiggy,” beside this “evidence.”I discovered a piece of meat—which might have been chicken, goat, or anything else—in the biriyani rice with aloo that I had ordered, despite the platform explicitly marking it as vegetarian. She said, “The restaurant explicitly stated that the items are not vegetarian, and they don’t know why it’s marked as such on Swiggy. Swiggy wanted us to speak with the restaurant directly to resolve the issue! Swiggy executives are the least concerned!” They just stated, “Please share your feedback with us, and we will forward it to the restaurant,” as if that would alleviate the psychological distress I had from eating non-vegetarian meals.

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