Startling! A businesswoman from Hyderabad kidnaps a TV anchor after she was

On Friday, Hyderabadi authorities said that a businesswoman had been taken into custody for allegedly pursuing, following, and kidnapping a TV music channel host with the intention of marrying him.
According to the TV host, the lady had placed a tracking device in his vehicle so she could keep an eye on him and his whereabouts.

The 31-year-old lady, a digital marketing entrepreneur, first made contact with the account holder two years ago after seeing the TV anchor’s photos on a website pertaining to marriage. But eventually, she found out that the account user had been using the TV anchor’s photo as the marriage site profile image instead of his own. Then she found the anchor’s phone number while scrolling through the profile. When she messaged the anchor on an instant messaging app, she found out that someone had used his picture to open a phony account on the matrimonial website. In addition, he informed the Cyber Crime police station about the occurrence.

Still, the lady continued to message the anchor. Then, according to the police, he blocked her number. Law enforcement claims that the lady was determined to marry the anchor and planned to kidnap him in the hopes of reaching a settlement.

As a result, she hired four individuals to abduct the anchor and install a tracking device on the victim’s car so she could keep tabs on his whereabouts. The four hired men allegedly kidnapped the victim on February 11 and carried him to the woman’s workplace, where they brutally beat him, according to the police.

According to the authorities, the TV personality was only freed after answering the woman’s cries out of concern for his life. Following that, he filed a complaint with the Uppal police station, using sections 363 (kidnapping), 341 (wrongful restraint), and 342 (wrongful imprisonment) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in support of his case. The accused lady was detained by the police while the inquiry was underway, as were the four men she hired to carry out the abduction.

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