Producer Boney Kapoor requested that the court get a bank guarantee and the interest in the “Maidaan” payment dues lawsuit within eight days

A camera equipment supplier named Ninad Nayampally filed a lawsuit against the film Maidaan for not paying its debts. “The court has directed them (producer Boney Kapoor and team) to deposit a bank guarantee in court for the principal plus interest at 21% per annum within 8 days,” his attorney, Namrata Biyawat, has now said. We said during the court hearing that the film’s creator had publicly and in person acknowledged responsibility for the outstanding debts.

In addition to establishing the defendants’ financial obligations, the resolution of this Notice of Motion established a standard for contracts in the motion picture business. Jayate Satya Meva.”
But according to Ameet Naik, Boney Kapoor’s attorney, “it is common for litigants to approach court seeking an injunction against a film on the eve of its release.” They often use this as a kind of coercion to force the film’s creators to comply with their requests. The courts have rejected this approach several times. This case was no exception. The court simply ordered the defendant to provide a bank guarantee covering the principle and interest, which we will be contesting, and flatly refused to award an injunction.
“The defendant has never denied payment of the principal amount,” he said. In actuality, the defendants have consistently said that they are prepared to provide the plaintiff with this amount at any time. Nonetheless, the plaintiff is attempting to unilaterally compel the defendant to pay interest in the current case. Such culpability cannot be ascertained prima facie and may only be decided by the court after a trial. The movie is ready for distribution tomorrow with this order.”

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