Paresh Dhanani is up against Parshottam Rupala in the Congress amid the BJP’s crisis over the Rajkot seat

The Kshatriya community fiercely opposes the party’s candidate, Parshottam Rupala, therefore the BJP continues to encounter issues in Rajkot. They demand that Rupala’s ticket for the Rajkot seat be canceled and threaten further demonstrations and disturbances if their demands are not fulfilled.

Taking advantage of this division, Congress saw a chance. Party chairman Lalit Kagathara said at a Tuesday event that veteran party lawmaker Paresh Dhanani would run for the Rajkot seat. This prepares the two leaders for their pivotal election matchup after 22 years.

The Kshatriya Community is organizing a big demonstration against Parshottam Rupala in Rajkot as part of a new plot. Raj Shekhawat, the leader of the Karni Sena, was detained by police at Ahmedabad airport when he was on his way to confront the BJP at their Gandhinagar headquarters today.

At a Congress gathering, Paresh Dhanani inspired the labor force by stating, “This is a fight for dignity, a fight to punish those who have damaged women’s reputations.” In the story of the contemporary Mahabharata, if these arrogant lords do not yield.”

Later, Congress leader Lalit Kagathara said to the Rajkot press, “Paresh Dhanani will stand as the Congress candidate if the BJP fails to replace Purushottam Rupala in the Rajkot seat.”

“If Paresh Dhanani is given a ticket in this seat, the BJP will face a tough fight against Rupala because this seat is dominated by leuva Patidars from the Patidar Community,” senior journalist Dilip Patel said. Congress is supported by history and the caste equation.”

“In the Rajkot seat, the Kadwa Patidar Community has around one lakh votes, whereas the Leuva Patel Community controls over four lakh votes. The Kadwa Patidar community is represented by BJP candidate Parasottam Rupala, while the Leuva Patidar community is represented by Paresh Dhanani. Congress has an edge in this situation based on existing trends,” he said.

It is significant to remember that 22 years before, in 2002, Paresh Dhanani beat Rupala for the Amreli Assembly seat by a margin of sixteen thousand votes. Twenty years later, the two politicians are facing off against one another in the Lok Sabha elections.

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