Skeletons Of A Mother Holding Her Child Found In Italy During Renovation Work

The finest kind of love is an immortal bond that has withstood the test of time between a mother and her child. Two medieval remains that were thought to be those of a woman holding a little kid were found in Italy, and this was taken as evidence of the same. The horrifying finding was uncovered while remodeling Piazza Costa, a plaza in the seaside town of Fano in the province of Pesaro Urbino.

Reconstruction work on the plaza was underway when the remains of an adult and a kid were found, according to a Metro article. The first clues point to the skeleton being that of a woman, according to archeologist Ilaria Venanzoni of the Superintendence of Fine Arts and Landscape for Ancona and Pesaro Urbino. She said in an interview with the Italian news agency ANSA, “It’s possible that a family member is holding the child.” A toddler who seemed to have slept off forever while being watched over protectively by his mother, or so we like to think these days.

Ilaria said that in order to ascertain if the two finds were made by the same family, a DNA examination of both bones would be conducted. She went on to point out the previously discovered Roman ruins and speculated that they could have belonged to a residence or thermal spa. “And there was a church built there in the Middle Ages with an attached convent,” she said.

Skeletons were found not too long ago by excavators in a Ukrainian cemetery. The wooden buckets attached to their feet and the rings around their necks, which suggested that they were artifacts from the Dark Ages, attracted the attention of the crowd.

at addition, at the 1,000-year-old cemetery outside of Kiev, some 100 bones have been discovered. The burial site, which attracted attention, offers a window into the Dark Ages, which are defined as the years between the collapse of the Roman Empire and the start of the Italian Renaissance.

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