“Struggle is Life”: A UPSC candidate’s post going viral over not being selected after 12 attempts

The UPSC 2023 results that were announced on Tuesday provide another piece of evidence that not everything that seems to be gold is indeed gold. Ever then, those who made the cut have been the center of attention, but what about the others who didn’t? Regardless of the result, they deserve praise for their genuine persistence and “never giving up” attitude. As they say, “Your success is defined by your effort, not by the result.”

One such tale is that of UPSC candidate Kunal R. Virulkar, who detailed his experience after failing the exam twelve times. “12 tries, 7 primary candidates, 5 interviews. “NO SELECTION,” he said on social media, and then he shared a moving message in Hindi, “Maybe struggle is another name for life.”

His post gained a lot of traction and garnered encouragement and support from the public. One fan remarked, “I can tell from your resilience, no one can stop you from achieving your goals!” “Wanted to see your name, Sir,” another person said. Maybe great things are yet ahead in life. There are not enough words to express how hard you have worked and how persistent you are. We’re all proud of you since you accomplished a great job. Another person said, “You always win.”

A few more people said, “I’m very proud of you. “How positive you are, and May the force be with you as you achieve great heights.”

While everyone’s attention is on UPSC 2023 topper Aditya Srivastava, Virulkar is the one who really needs the support of the internet to maintain his self-belief.

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Meanwhile, the UPSC reported that 1,016 applicants in all passed the test and were recommended for a range of central government posts. Nevertheless, 355 proposed candidates’ candidacies are still requiring further verification.

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