Interpreting the 19-year marriage between Bhushan Kumar and Divya Khosla: A chronology

Divya Khosla and Bhushan Kumar were married for almost 19 years, and they had a son named Ruhaan together. However, since Wednesday, rumors about their breakup have been circulating online. It all began when it was discovered that the actress had removed the surname Kumar from her Instagram bio. When it was discovered that the actress had also unfollowed the T-series account on Instagram, the rumors only became more intense.

However, it’s unclear at this time if she was really following the account or not.
Many rumors surfaced as soon as this news got out, one of which said that the couple had decided to get a divorce and even agreed on an amount to be paid in alimony. However, a T-Series representative has now clarified that Divya removed the word “Kumar” from her account primarily due to astrological factors, putting an end to all those rumors.
The chairman of T-Series, Bhushan, is the spokesman. She clarified that Divya Khosla’s choice to renounce her marital surname was motivated by her faith in astrology and numerology. They underlined that this should be accepted since it was a personal decision influenced by her astrological views. It was also said that, for similar reasons, Divya had previously added a “s” to her maiden surname, “Khosla.”
The spokesman said, “Divya Khossla’s decision to add a “s” to her maiden surname, signifying her astrological belief, is for the same thought. Her decision to drop her married surname, motivated by astrological beliefs, is a personal decision and should be respected.”

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