Samantha Ruth Prabhu faces backlash for allegedly misleading people about “detoxing”; her post becomes viral

Samantha Ruth Prabhu has come under fire for reportedly giving her 33 million followers false information on “liver detoxing.” Samantha received criticism from a liver specialist recently for bringing a non-medical expert to her podcast series on health. Using his official account, The Liver Doc on X, posted a lengthy statement in which he accused the actress and her podcast guest of spreading false information on health and medication.

The user remarked, “This is Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a film star, misleading and misinforming over 33 million followers on ‘detoxing the liver’,” after posting a video clip from Samantha’s YouTube show in which her guest explained the relevance of plants like dandelion in promoting liver health.


The podcast features a random “Wellness Coach & Performance Nutritionist” who has no idea how the human body functions and posts the most ridiculous things on Instagram, including absurd things like using herbs to treat autoimmune conditions.


It is unclear to me how individuals with large followings choose the least knowledgeable about science and medicine to ask to speak about science, medicine, and health on “health podcasts” that have no real connection to these topics. It’s simply two ignorant people discussing science. The Wellness Coach man isn’t even a licensed medical professional, so it’s unlikely that he knows anything about how the liver works.”

“This is full and absolute BS (bullsh*t),” he said, “I am a liver doctor, a qualified and registered hepatologist diagnosing and treating liver disease patients since a decade ago. Most people see dandelion as a weed despite it being a vegetable. It may sometimes be added to salads. You may add dandelion to salads. With little to no calorie consumption, 100 g of dandelion may provide 10–15% of your daily potassium needs.”Film actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu is the one spreading false information to her more than 33 million followers about “detoxing the liver.”

Concerning Samantha Prabhu Ruth
Samantha said in July of last year that she was going to put her health first and take a one-year minimum hiatus from her projects. She traveled the globe and sought treatment in the US for her autoimmune disease, myositis. She just said that she intends to go back to work.

Samantha most recently starred with actor Vijay Devarakonda in “Kushi,” her second Telugu film. It was released on September 1st of last year and marked their onscreen reunion after the 2018 film “Mahanati”. She also finished shooting the Indian portion of the Russo Brothers web series “Citadel” at this time.

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