After Son Causes Major Argument, MK Stalin’s Message on ‘Religion’: ‘Weapon to Hide Shortcomings’

The Bharatiya Janata Party has “religion as their weapon,” according to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin, who attacked them in his podcast “Speaking for India.”

Stalin stated, “They are fanning the fires of people’s religious beliefs and taking warmth from its hot flames.He started by charging the BJP of attempting to undermine India’s structure and undermine the nation’s feeling of oneness.

As the head of the third-largest party in the Indian Parliament and as a citizen of the country, he said that the goal of this podcast is to speak for India.

Stalin continued to criticize the BJP, alleging that the group had broken pre-election pledges to provide 2 crore people with guaranteed jobs each year and to quadruple farmers’ income, particularly via people welfare programs.

Stalin emphasized that the ‘Narendra Modi Model’ is likely to come to an end with no meaningful model to call their own. “It has become a rudderless model,” he stated. He continued by saying that the party is abusing its influence to give its business cronies access to the public sector.

Stalin: DMK Has Always Been the Forerunner

CM Stalin noted the contributions of his party, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), saying, “Whenever India’s diversity, federalism, and democracy have been threatened, DMK has always been the vanguard, standing at the frontline.”

He cited Perarignar Anna’s Council of States remark that “You should take the DMK as the spearhead of the opposition to the unitary nature.” This, he said, was repeated by Kalaignar, who not only demonstrated that the Tamil Nadu-based DMK would always represent India, but also changed this order’s structural and systemic elements.

In referring to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Stalin observed, “Now, there is another duty of historical importance that has come our way.”

Stalin questioned if the INDIA coalition will be able to preserve India, saying that the 2024 elections are more about “who should not come to power” than “who should come to power.”

While Stalin expressed confidence in the INDIA bloc, Union Home Minister Amit Shah criticized the alliance on Sunday over the CM’s son Udhayanidhi’s statement on a term widely used to refer to Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma. The Opposition bloc, according to Shah, “hates Hinduism.”

A day after Udhayanidhi Stalin’s remarks about “eradicating Sanatan Dharma like diseases” generated a controversy, Stalin released a podcast. “There are some things we have to eradicate and we can’t simply oppose,” Udhayanidhi had remarked. We must exterminate mosquitoes, dengue fever, malaria, corona, and other maladies that we cannot control. This is also how Sanatanam is. Our first duty should be to eradicate Sanatanam, not to fight against it.

In his podcast, Stalin said that the states were ruined by several destructive scams during the nine years of BJP government.

He used the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as an example, claiming that it has stripped states of their financial rights and resulted in Tamil Nadu losing its right to financial independence.

“Our state paid the Union Government 5 lakh 16 thousand crore rupees in taxes between 2014 and last year. But all we received in exchange was 2 lakh 8 thousand crore rupees, he said. “If it is argued that the Union Government cannot give the entirety of what they receive from each State, then how is it able to do it in BJP-ruled States?” the question was raised.

According to him, Tamil Nadu continues to incur significant financial losses in its allocation from the Finance Commission.

“Tamil Nadu received a 5.305 percent allocation of cash during the 12th Finance Commission. Although it was lowered to 4.079 percent in the 15th Finance Commission,” he said, “the amount of money Tamil Nadu loses annually is not insignificant. We are misappropriating millions of crores of money.

The true India, according to CM Stalin in his podcast, is one where these elements—social justice, secular politics, socialism, equity, social harmony, state autonomy, federalism, and unity in diversity—succeed in all their grandeur. According to him, the INDIA alliance was established to rebuild such a country. “This INDIA alliance is going to save India,” Stalin said.

Stalin also brought up the issues of Manipur and Haryana, citing the carnage in Gujarat in 2002 and alleging that in 2023, a sectarian fire sparked in the northeastern state of Manipur saw the State burn and that the fire of religious fanaticism in Haryana is taking innocent lives and property.

Let’s create up a multi-cultural and diversified India, CM Stalin stated as he ended his podcast. Save India, please. Let’s first SPEAK FOR INDIA on that.


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