Armed Forces Officer Missing While En route to MHOW Infantry School

Police said that an Army officer who was enrolled in the Young Officers program at the Infantry School in Mhow in Madhya Pradesh had vanished. According to chief Mhow Police Station house officer Deepak Rathore, a missing person’s complaint was filed at the station on Saturday in the Indore district. According to an initial inquiry, Lt. Mohit Gupta has been missing since Friday at six in the morning. He was expected to be at Physical Training (PT) at 6 am with all officers and other ranks, but because he wasn’t, his instructors contacted his classmates to see whether he was feeling sick, the official added.

His room was checked at 7.30 am, and when he wasn’t there, the authorities were notified that he was gone. Rathore said that when he was unable to be located, a police report was filed. The police have been given the missing officer’s cell phone and permanent residence by the Infantry School administration. His cell phone was off,” he said. According to the source, Lt. Gupta’s parents and other family members, who live in the Etah city neighborhood of Uttar Pradesh, have been notified of his disappearance and his call detail record (CDR) has been requested to learn more about everyone who had contact with him. The Mhow police have filed the case and begun an inquiry into the situation after a written report given by Subedar Jarmal Singh, who is employed as a teacher at the Infantry School’s Young Officers wing.

Lt. Gupta disappeared between 6 and 7.30 am from his room at the Young Officers’ lodging next to Walong Dwar on the side of Mall Road in Mhow, according to reports. He was last seen wearing his PT outfit. He simply left his motorcycle there, and it is assumed that he walked away. Officers and other rank employees who attend the Infantry School for different in-service courses must adhere to tight standards, and they are not permitted to leave the site, they said. According to the sources, all services and stores managed by civilian contractors are located on campus, preventing trainees from leaving. They said that if they have an urgent need to leave, they must get an exit permit that has been authorized by the proper party. The Defence Security Corps (DSC) security officials stationed at all gates would only let them leave after inspecting their credentials.

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