Maha Cong Chief provides more ammunition to BJP and demands that the Ram Temple be cleansed

May 10, New Delhi Chief of the Maharashtra Congress Nana Patole ignited a new storm on Friday when he demanded that the Ram Temple be purified in the event that the Maha Vikas Aghadi coalition wins power.

In addition to compounding the dilemma that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is currently mired in, Patole’s comments on the Ram Temple in Ayodhya have provided the party with more fodder.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not conduct the Pran Pratistha event in accordance with the correct protocol. The Shankaracharyas expressed their disapproval of it as well. Additionally, they want the temple to be cleansed,” Patole said to reporters.

When questioned further about the purifying process, Patole said that the highest-ranking Hindu priests, known as Shankaracharyas, would conduct the Pran Pratistha ritual in a manner that complies with Hindu tradition.

He said that the Prime Minister and the BJP disregarded the Shankaracharyas’ opposition to the Pran Pratistha event back then as well.

The chief of the Maharashtra Congress is expected to start a new controversy and face harsh criticism from the BJP over his comments.

Nana Patole was criticized by Pramod Krishnam for her offensive and disparaging statements. Pramod Krishnam just left the grand old party due to its anti-Sanatan stance.

“This is a stupid and ludicrous claim.

Additionally, he counseled the Congress to abandon their animosity for Lord Ram before discussing cleansing.

He went on, “This will spell doom for the party if Congress pursues such rhetoric.”

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