Startling: UP constable denied vacation for too long; wife and daughter pass away from delayed medical care

Jalaun: An Uttar Pradesh police constable’s wife and their newborn daughter perished in a horrifying tragedy when the guy was unable to get home in time for their medical care. Vikas Nirmal, a policeman assigned to the Jalaun district’s Rampura police station, claims that his station in-charge denied him permission to transport his expectant wife to the hospital.

The woman’s relatives then stepped in and brought her to the Community Health Center of Karawali in the state’s Mainpuri district after seeing the delay. The couple’s baby daughter arrived after a few hours. But a day later, the mother-daughter’s health worsened, and the constable was notified. He asked Station Incharge Arjun Singh for a leave of absence after learning the details, but Singh denied him. After approaching Jalaun SP Iraj Raja, the policeman was given a month’s leave of absence. Regretfully, the mother-daughter pair had been pronounced deceased by the time he arrived home.

Jalaun SP corresponds with police stations by letter
The other officers at the police station were enraged over the whole event and sought action against the station-in-charge after learning of their deaths. The authorities promptly launched an investigation into the charging station in addition to approving the constable’s leave. Additionally, Jalaun SP Iraj Raja has sent a letter requesting that all police station in-charges refrain from unduly turning down any constable’s request for vacation.

A police officer stationed in the Baghpat area of the state used social media last year to draw attention to the difficult working conditions for staff members. The policeman sent a note stating that he was unable to take time off after the loss of his sister. The policeman also mentioned in his letter the rise in police personnel’s recent attempts at suicide.

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