Funny Review Of Gadar 2 By Sunny Deol And Ameesha Patel From A Comedian

Gadar 2, starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, is still doing well at the box office. While some viewers praised the intense action drama, others couldn’t help but make some amusing remarks about the Anil Sharma directed film. The movie has spawned a meme frenzy on social media because to Sunny Deol’s exaggerated roars and inexplicable action scenes. Currently, stand-up comedian Sanchit Pulani has made internet users laugh out loud with his hilarious review of Gadar 2.

On August 16, Sanchit Pulani posted the video on Instagram. The comedian opens by saying that after viewing Gadar 2, he thought it was a “good movie.” He was dismayed, however, to learn that Sakeena, his wife, would not be going back to Pakistan with Tara Singh (Sunny Deol). He also made a point of the fact that Tara Singh and his son Jeete (Utakarsh Sharma), although shouting “Hindustan Zindabad” slogans, exclusively desired Pakistani women as their spouses.

The comedian went on to say how sorry he was for Jeete since in Gadar, he had received a slap for wanting to go to Pakistan with Tara Singh, but in Gadar 2, he received one for refusing to do so. The comedian identified his favorite line from the movie as Tara Singh reciting his kid Jeete’s name over “1750 times.”

Sanchit Pulani commented in a funny way about the action scenes, “In Gadar, Tara uprooted a handpump and this time, he uproots an electric pole. Pakistan now faces challenges with both water and electricity constraint. The comedian said, “And this time the Pakistanis sent Tara Singh back to India, telling him not to send his grandson to Pakistan in Gadar 3.” They advised him to send his grandchild to Canada instead and offered to pay for it.

The comic finished by claiming that India had defeated Pakistan five times. Three fights are credited to the Indian Army, although Tara Singh is the one who prevailed in the other two. Users on social media have reacted to the video with amusing comments. One commenter quipped, “They’ll go to China in Gadar 3.” Another applauded, “Couldn’t stop laughing.” Several laughing emojis were also used by others in the comments.


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