Narayana Murthy’s statement that “youth should work 70 hours a week” is met with criticism on social media

There is an ongoing discussion around hustling culture. People are beginning to favor a work-life balance, even if many still advocate for extended workdays. In the midst of this, the founder of Infosys, N R Narayana Murthy, is receiving harsh criticism for a comment he made on social media. According to the CEO, young people in India must work 70 hours a week in order to compete with economies that have advanced significantly over the last two to three decades. The talk was included on the first edition of 3one4 Capital’s podcast, “The Record.” top 5 reasons why it will be difficult to apprehend robert card in the maine shoot

“India has some of the lowest work productivity in the world,” he said. We cannot compete with those nations that have achieved great strides unless we increase work productivity, decrease government corruption to some extent—we have been reading about it, but I’m not sure how true it is—and shorten the time it takes for decisions to be made in our bureaucracy. He went on, “This is my land. My goal is to work seventy hours a week.

The message has gone viral and has drawn criticism for utterly disregarding the concept of work-life balance from many individuals.

How elitist of them! How he proposes such demanding work hours is beyond me. Is he aware of how much time individuals spend traveling? How difficult can life be? A person named “X” commented, “Don’t they deserve time with family?” “With this statement, Mr. Murthy is essentially pushing women out of the workplace,” another commenter said. Men will never divide up the work of caring for others, raising children, and cleaning the home. A 70-hour work week will force women to drop out of school.





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