Apply this mascara for the perfect look at the party, event

Apply this mascara for the perfect look at the party, event

Makeup works not only to enhance the beauty of the face but also for the eyes. Because of this, eye makeup is the most focused on every function or event. If you do eye makeup well, then the face starts glowing within minutes. So for the right eye makeup, here we are telling you about 5 hacks, which will make you look attractive.

choose the right product

Always buy waterproof mascara as it does not spread. Along with this, also learn about mascara, as - those who have fewer lashes need volumizing mascara. While curling the small eyelashes. For this reason, it is important to choose the right shaped brush.

Keep Mascara Wand Clean

Clean mascara wands are easy to apply and provide an even finish, so clean your mascara wand every other week. Mascara doesn't collect on the brush, plus you should keep the tube covered with scotch tape during cleaning so that the product doesn't harden. Make sure the wand is completely dry before putting it back into the tube. At the same time, before you start applying mascara, wring out the excess product, this will apply only as much product to your lashes as is needed.

warm up a bit

To prevent the mascara from getting cakey, you should warm it slightly before applying it. Heating does not mean heating its tube on the gas but rolling the tube between the palms. This heats up the mascara while also making it ready for smooth and clump-free application.

apply correctly

If too much mascara is applied, use an eyelash comb to remove excess product, so that the next coat looks perfect. Choose a mascara that allows your lashes to curl outward and doesn't require a curler. Try tinted mascara. Change it every 3-6 months, so that your eyes are protected from any kind of bacterial infection.

follow these steps

Prepare your eyes with the 3 steps mentioned here. First, apply a single coat of mascara to your eyelashes. After that, take a baby powder on the makeup brush and pat it lightly on the first coat, taking care that the powder does not fly into your eyes, and apply the third step again. Your eyelashes will look fuller and thicker.

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