Rica, chocolate or normal, which wax is best for the skin?

Rica, chocolate or normal, which wax is best for the skin?

The most difficult task for women is to wax. Waxing causes a lot of pain, due to which women shaving with the racer but due to this the hair growth is not good and the skin also starts to darken. In such a situation, women and girls mostly do waxing, but sometimes waxing leaves red marks but it all depends on the skin type as well as which wax you are using also matters a lot. 

Many types of wax are available in the market, but girls buy the company name without seeing the skin type and wax, but it is very important to use the right wax for the skin. So, today we tell you the difference between normal, rica and chocolate wax and show its benefits.

What is normal wax? 
Normal wax is made of lemon, sugar and honey, it also contains some chemicals. If your skin is sensitive then you should not use this wax at all, it can cause a lot of damage to your skin. You will also get more pain from using this wax. 

Why does normal wax cause pain? 
Normal wax causes more pain because the sugar and honey in it sticks to your skin. When using this wax, also keep in mind that it does not remove the small hair present in your skin. 

What is chocolate wax? 
If you talk about chocolate wax then it is better than normal wax and many women mostly use it. It contains all natural things like cocoa, soybean oil, vitamins, olive oil. 

Does chocolate wax cause pain? 
Chocolate wax reduces pain. This does not cause too much redness on your skin as well as your skin is not swollen. It also removes hair properly. 

Benefits of applying chocolate wax 
1. Tan away
2. Best for every skin type
3. Shine on the skin
4. If your hair grows quickly, then use this wax
5. Remove the smallest hair

What is rica wax? 
Rica wax is also known as white chocolate wax. Rica wax is herbal which is usually prepared from plant juices. It contains less amount of 'colophony' which causes skin irritation, hence Rika wax is best. Vegetable oil is used in this. This reduces your pain as well while reducing the risk of burning of your skin. If you talk about normal wax, then many types of chemicals are used in it, but Rika is completely natural. 

Benefits of applying rica wax

1. It removes hair well and reduces pain 2. It is best for every skin especially if your skin is sensitive, then Rika wax is best for you
3. Not dry skin
4. Tan away