Kejriwal asserts that if the AAP had been in power, Delhi would have been safer. MoS Lekhi responds

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, said on Sunday that the national capital would have been the safest place if the AAP had been in power and not the Lt Governor.

Union Minister Meenakashi Lekhi, who was offended by his remarks, said that Kejriwal did not comprehend the law.

After two ladies were reportedly shot and killed by unknown gunmen early on Sunday in southwest Delhi’s RK Puram, Kejriwal made his comments.

“Our thoughts are with the two women’s families,’ we said. May peace be granted to their spirits. Delhi residents are beginning to feel uneasy. Instead of resolving the issue, those in charge of maintaining law and order in Delhi are planning a coup against the Delhi administration, Kejriwal said in a tweet in Hindi.

“Delhi would have been the safest had the law-and-order situation been under the AAP dispensation instead of the L-G,” he said.

Earlier as well, the AAP has criticised Lt. Governor VK Saxena for the allegedly “deteriorating” peace and order in the city.

“I want to remind the people of Delhi that this is the same Arvind Kejriwal whose MLAs were involved in (the) Delhi riots,” Lekhi said in response to Kejriwal’s remarks, as reported by PTI. They were complicit in Ankit’s murder by the IB (Intelligence Bureau). They provided weapons, gasoline bombs, and gulels (catapults). Can such individuals be entrusted with maintaining law and order?

The RK Puram event was the result of personal animosity, the Union Minister of State for Culture emphasised, and the government had no part in it.

“Wherever such an incident has occurred, the government’s responsibility is to file a FIR, take strict action against the accused, and present them in court,” she added.

The Delhi government is in charge of the trial court system. Therefore, you should make sure that the guilty are punished once this matter is brought up in court, in this instance the Saket court.Lekhi said, “The person who does not understand the law is sitting as the chief minister,” in response to a question concerning Kejriwal’s claims. This has astonished me.

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