The Road Safety Post From Delhi Police Has A Clever Twist That You Will Love

The Delhi Police has consistently received recognition for its creative and captivating social media strategy to increase awareness of traffic safety. They take advantage of every chance to engage viewers and effectively communicate ideas. They customize their material using humor, graphics, videos, and memes to raise public awareness of driving laws. The Delhi police have now adopted a new strategy and created another amusing post advising drivers to keep to the speed limit.

The Delhi Police posted a sweet video of a little child skillfully skating along a roadway on X (formerly Twitter), alluding to a little champ. The featured video highlights the importance of road safety as it shows a little “champ” gliding on skates at the ideal pace, softly and steadily.

Delhi Police used this adorable movie as a prime illustration to emphasize the need of following speed limits and driving safely on public roads. A statement that said, “Keep your speed in control like this little champ,” was also included in the video.

“Retain your pace at the level of this talent. “Composed, Concentrated, and Managed,” the Delhi Police captioned the photo that they uploaded.

The video quickly gained popularity and attracted the interest of over 21,000 users on X. Comment sections on social media platforms were used by individuals to share their opinions on the article. One person commented on the post, saying, “Best motivational advertisement.”

“Because of the highway, genius… Realities: Differing speeds on the road because to uneven surfaces, slow rickshaws, cars going the wrong way, people crossing the street without looking, and improper or illegal parking. Keep your pace between 20 and 30 mph and arrive to the workplace late, a user said.

A user added a humorous comment, saying, “Excellent, but this genius is not wearing a helmet.”

As was previously noted, Delhi Police has already released an inventive social media message to raise awareness of traffic safety. Earlier, Delhi Police asked bikers on X to desist from doing stunts on the roads in an email on road safety.

The department took care to inject a little humor into the advice to make the position more enticing. The article included a snapshot of a Google search result page with the query “How to do a wheelie” written in the search field. Google produced an amusing recommendation that said, “Did you mean: How to land up in a hospital bed?” in contrast to the typical response.

Isn’t this post fantastic?

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