Her sister will take legal action against the makers of Madhubala's biopic

Her sister will take legal action against the makers of Madhubala's biopic

There is a discussion going on for a long time about the biopic of the late actress Madhubala of Hindi cinema. Meanwhile, Madhubala's sister Madhur Brij Bhushan, expressing displeasure, has given a statement regarding some unnecessary thing. Madhur's company, Madhubala Ventures Pvt Ltd, is also planning to co-produce the biopic with a studio.
Talking about this, Madhur says "I have come to know that some people are doing mischief when it comes to any film/series, etc. on my sister's life. In such a situation, I will be able to take the strictest legal action against these people. I will leave no stone unturned." Madhur also revealed that he, his team members as well as his lawyers have decided to initiate some legal process against certain individuals, and firms who have illegally exploited Madhubala's life story rights.

He has requested actors, producers, and talent not to be a part of Madhubala-related projects which have not been authorized. Madhur further says, "I request that no actor, studio, producer or any talent should participate in any project which is not expressly authorized by me as it violates the legal and emotional rights of my family. would be infringed."

"Over and over again, I am pleading against the illegal exploitation of my sister's life story rights because ideally, I don't want to take the legal route against anyone, especially since my sisters and I are now old and senior. Are citizens. But if need be, I will work legally to protect what we deserve. We all feel that the time has come to tell the beautiful story of Madhubala to the whole world. Started working as a child and then became the Venus of Indian cinema."

He further added, "It's an extremely emotional occasion for me and my entire family. My team and I want to come up with a really beautiful, sensitive film with some of the best talents in the film industry. We need all the best wishes." This statement comes after Bollywood producer Tutu Sharma took up the challenge of making a film on Madhubala's life.

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