Nitish accepts Sudhakar's resignation, Sarvjit becomes Bihar's new agriculture minister; Another department came to Tejashwi

Nitish accepts Sudhakar's resignation, Sarvjit becomes Bihar's new agriculture minister; Another department came to Tejashwi

Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh, who made sharp statements against his own government and officials of the department, resigned from his post on Sunday. Accepting his resignation, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar sent his recommendation to Governor Fagu Chauhan. After this, Tourism Minister Kumar Sarvjeet has been appointed as the Minister of Agriculture Department in place of Sudhakar. The charge of the Tourism Minister will now be with Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav. After the resignation, Sudhakar Singh himself did not come forward to present his side, but his father and RJD state president Jagdanand Singh confirmed Sudhakar's resignation.

Recently, the RJD had decided that no RJD leader would make a statement against the coalition and the government. Only Tejashwi would give statements about the alliance, but Sudhakar was continuously giving statements against his government. Sudhakar Singh is believed to have resigned on the instructions of Lalu to maintain good relations with JDU.

Jagdanand released the video in the name of the media
After the resignation, Sudhakar's father and state RJD president Jagdanand Singh issued a video statement to the media, in which he said that the Agriculture Minister has resigned. The role of farmers and jawans can never be denied. We don't want any fight to escalate. The Agriculture Minister has resigned so that the government can run well. Jagdanand said that Sudhakar has resigned for the interest of farmers.

Other ministers who had to resign
After the formation of the government under the leadership of the Grand Alliance, Sudhakar Singh, RJD leader and MLA from Ramgarh, was given the post of Agriculture Minister in the Nitish government. Sudhakar is the second minister in the Nitish government to have submitted his resignation. Earlier, Karthik Singh, who was made Law Minister from the RJD quota, had submitted his resignation from his post on August 31. Several attempts were made to talk to Sudhakar after he offered to resign, but it was not possible to talk to him.

Sudhakar was an attacker of his own government

Sudhakar Singh was a constant attacker on the government since becoming the Agriculture Minister. From time to time their statements and demands were creating difficulties in front of the government. In the RJD legislature party meeting, it was decided that apart from Tejashwi Yadav, no other leader or minister would comment against the government and the alliance. Despite this, the Agriculture Minister was continuously increasing the difficulties of the government with his statements. For the first time, Sudhakar Singh came into the limelight when he said in a public meeting in his area that the officers of the Agriculture Department were involved in corruption. All are thieves and as a minister, I became the chief of thieves. After this statement, he met the Chief Minister in the cabinet meeting. The Chief Minister had also tried to convince him, but he left the cabinet midway. Even after this, Sudhakar Singh continued to target the officers and personnel of the Agriculture Department. Because of this, the government was getting scolded. He had also raised questions on the state's agriculture roadmap.

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