Economy is back on track, but the journey to reach the destination is long

Economy is back on track, but the journey to reach the destination is long

Although the news related to corona virus infection has given some relief at the moment, but the danger has not been avoided, the signs are also clear. As far as its impact on society and economy is concerned, it may take a long time to recover from these. In particular, India's economy was already struggling to strengthen its position, the corona epidemic has given it deeper wounds. The situation in India has worsened due to heavy infection and the economy has been crippled due to very tight lockdown. Government and policy-makers may not publicly accept this, but this is the harsh reality.

LockdownMany small units still closed during the operation could not open. It cannot be said that all the people who have become unemployed in this area have got employment. But the fact of the moment is that conditions are not as bad now as they were five-six months ago. Accepting the truth of the Corona transition, the country has started to move forward, but there is still a long way to go. The October GST collection has reached Rs 1 lakh crore, which can be considered the biggest sign of the economy returning to track. Even more comforting is the news that the index of factory production has reached its highest level in more than a decade. According to the Nikkei Purchasing Manager Index, it has reached 58.9 in the month of October. If we look at this index, it is fine that the economy is back on track, In October, all kinds of data are showing signs of desperation from the market. Especially the automobile sector figures have been so much better and surprising. Two-wheelers and car sales are holding high hopes. But it is necessary for the economy, to keep pace on these tracks and move towards the destination. Our governments and financial institutions should leave no stone unturned in their efforts and lead the country towards overall development through strong economic policies.

The harsh truth around the world is that policy-makers do not really know what to do. There is a similar situation in India to bring the economy back on track. Still India's current economyThe four main points, along with other efforts to empower, are to eradicate poverty, stop the growth of population, improve the environment and eradicate unemployment. There seems to be a close correlation between poverty and population. Poor children have more children because the population increases more in malnutrition. The proportion of population growth in developed nations is low, the proportion of population growth is high in underdeveloped and poor nations. There is a passage in ancient Sanskrit literature - poorness is painful and sorrow associated with it is the excess of children. The anguish of impunity and the suffering of excess of child- man suffers on both sides. There can be many reasons for population growth, but the effect of the period and malnutrition - both of these become the most important causes of population growth. If all the world's wealth, all the resources were used to eradicate poverty, the situation would be very different today, But there were interruptions. The disruption of the corona is also a major impediment to the momentum towards eradicating poverty. Till now, the wealth was not used to make humans happy or normal, but in the manufacture of weapons of destruction. One nation became afraid of another nation. Arms race started. UNO If you look at the data of a report of the WHO, you will know in which direction the energy and resources are going. Most of the world is spending every year on security. This expenditure is being incurred for its geographical security, not for human safety. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal states that people are forced to live in poverty, not due to any specific reason but because of various reasons. Therefore it is necessary that not only the source of income and income is the cause of poverty but also food, home, land, health,

The main reason of poverty in India is rising population, weak agriculture, corruption, conservative thinking, casteism, high status among rich and poor, job loss, illiteracy, disease etc. India is an agricultural country with a large population dependent on agriculture, today the same farmers of the country are facing poverty. Due to poor agriculture and unemployment, people have to face shortage of food. This is the reason why inflation has also spread wings. Increasing population is also a major cause of poverty.

The Central Government stated in the year 2012 that 21.9 percent of the population in India live below the poverty line. The 2011 report of the World Bank stated that 23.6 percent of India's population (about 276 million) has a purchasing power of $ 1.25 per day. Additionally, India has been ranked 97 in the International Starvation Index released in 2016. The average rate for developing countries was kept at 21.3 while this rate for India was 28.5 percent. It is a pleasure to have Indian-origin Abhijeet Banerjee selected for the Nobel Prize for contributing towards the alleviation of poverty. But the sad aspect is that most people of his own country are compelled to live a life of poverty.

India has been facing the brunt of poverty for a long time. Poverty has spread throughout the country since pre-independence. Many schemes have been made so far for poverty alleviation, many efforts have been made, Garibi Hatao has become an election slogan and the election has been won. But even after all, neither the condition of the poor improved nor poverty was eradicated. The truth is that instead of eradicating poverty, the number of poor in the country is getting increased day by day. Poor was used as a votebank to seize power, but after leaving power, he was left forever. Therefore, the poor still stands where they were before independence. Even today, with the first ray of dawn, the crisis of bread, clothes and houses arise in front of the poor. Actually,The Narendra Modi government's plans for poverty alleviation and population control are showing some light.

Maruti Swift's craze among people is increasing, in the year 2020, the company sold 160,700 units

Maruti Swift's craze among people is increasing, in the year 2020, the company sold 160,700 units

Maruti Swift is proving to be the power player for the country's largest car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki. The company has so far achieved a milestone of 2.3 million sales. In 2020, the strong performing car is still at the top. Despite the Corona epidemic last year, the car has performed well.

The Swift emerged as the best-selling passenger vehicle in the calendar year 2020, recording a total sales of 160,700 units. With this, Maruti ensured that the premium hatchback maintained its dominant position in the market where it was first launched in 2005.

Swift created a record

Swift took five years to reach five lakh in sales by 2010 and, like its name, it doubled to 10 lakh by 2013. At the same time, it took another five years to reach the next five million sales.
Shashank Srivastava, executive director and head of marketing sales, Maruti Suzuki, said that, Maruti Suzuki Swift has been the best-selling premium hatchback in the country in the last 15 years with over 2.3 million customers. He further said that, with continued customer support, I believe that Swift will successfully achieve many more milestones in the future.

Maruti's first choice of youth

Maruti underlined that about 53% of Swift customers are under 35 years of age, which reflects the car's preference among younger buying audiences. The car's excellent design and its cabin reflect the true strength of the Swift. If sources are to be believed, the company can also launch its facelift variant soon.

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