Details inside on the criminal thriller that Vaani Kapoor is starring in

Details inside on the criminal thriller that Vaani Kapoor is starring in

Actress Vaani Kapoor will star in a new crime thriller after garnering praise for her portrayal of a transgender teenager in Abhishek Kapoor's "Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui."

The Yash Raj Films label will be used to produce the next movie. The Mardaani director Gopi Puthran has joined the team to oversee the undertaking.

A source who confirmed the news added, "Vaani has only been considering endeavors where she might put up a memorable performance. She enjoys a challenge, and her acting is flawless. In Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui, she executed this flawlessly. While she still favors theatrical releases, she won't exclude herself from fantastic digital initiatives, one of which was offered in Gopi Puthran's subsequent. It is a grim, suspenseful criminal thriller that YRF thinks has a great idea and is really optimistic on. They will carry out this endeavor on an astonishingly large scale."

"Gopi made it plain that he intended to cast a newcomer to the OTT scene. He was looking for a capable actor for this dark thriller who can hold her own and offer outstanding acting moments. To effectively headline this performance, Gopi required a performer. He has always valued Vaani's contributions to her flicks. So, before deciding to put on the concert, he consulted with Vaani to ascertain her motivations. To his joy, Vaani quickly accepted the excellent idea and agreed to work with Gopi, who has emerged as a star to look out for after his stellar directorial debut in Mardaaani 2. Vaani wants to collaborate with the smartest people so that she may improve as a performer with each performance. So for her, this was a no-brainer "Added the source.

We are anticipating the project's formal announcement.