'I don't know Kashif Khan, he invited me to the cruise party, I didn't go', says Mumbai Guardian Minister Aslam Shaikh

'I don't know Kashif Khan, he invited me to the cruise party, I didn't go', says Mumbai Guardian Minister Aslam Shaikh

Minister Aslam Sheikh Maharashtra (Aslam Shaikh) and held today a press conference admitted that they Mumbai cruise Drugs Party (Mumbai Cruise Drugs Party) was called by Kashif Khan (Kashif Khan), but they were not. He said, 'Nawab Malik said yesterday that a person named Kashif Khan had invited me to the cruise drugs party. I don't know this person. I didn't go to that party. I don't even know whether Kashif Khan has my number or not. As far as I remember, I never spoke to him on the phone as well.

He further said, 'If I am the guardian minister of Mumbai, then someone has to open a shop, or inaugurate something, someone calls me on the birthday of the child, takes information about the program I go to. Am. Where I did not go, I did not know in detail about it. As far as I remember he met me at an event and he invited me to the party. I didn't know him, so I didn't go to the cruise party.

WhatsApp chat was made evidence and Aryan Khan was implicated

Regarding Aryan Khan, Aslam Shaikh said that, 'Neither did he have drugs recovered, nor did he consume it. He should have been sent to the de-addiction centre. WhatsApp chat was made proof. Chat is not any evidence, this court has also said from time to time. In the chat, anyone writes anything in a light-hearted way. Such action should not have been taken considering the chat as the basis. This spoils the future of the children. Later, even if he is proved innocent, then these things will remain in Google.

'Why no question on seizure of drugs worth 30 thousand crores in Gujarat?'

Aslam Shaikh said, 'Such a huge cache of drugs was recovered in Gujarat, there is not much discussion on it. Goods worth more than 30 thousand crores were caught, that too will have to be thought of. The law says that the one who is the main dealer of drugs should be acted first. When the name of Shahrukh Khan's son came up, the whole media got behind this news.

'Maharashtra government is being defamed'

Aslam Shaikh said that this matter is being escalated to defame the Maharashtra government. The case of Sushant Singh Rajput was also tossed till Bihar elections were held. All this is done for political purposes. This is a conspiracy to defame the Maharashtra government. Is anyone talking about demonetisation? There was a storm, there was a flood, it rained, we helped the fishermen and farmers. How much help came from the central government? '

Let us inform that by holding a press conference on Sunday, NCP leader Nawab Malik had alleged that a conspiracy was being hatched to defame the Maha Vikas Aghadi government by calling the ministers of the Maharashtra government in the Mumbai Cruise Drugs Party. That is why Kashif Khan had repeatedly invited Aslam Shaikh, the patron minister of Mumbai, to the Mumbai cruise drugs party. But Aslam Sheikh did not go to that party. Nawab Malik alleged that international drug mafia Kashif Khan has good relations with Sameer Wankhede. On this, BJP leader Mohit Kamboj had raised the question that how can anyone insist on a cabinet minister to come again and again. Aslam Sheikh's relationship with Kashif Khan should be investigated.

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Sanjay Dutt was not a criminal, he was just trapped: Subhash Ghai

Sanjay Dutt was not a criminal, he was just trapped: Subhash Ghai
Subhash said it was against his morality to capitalize on Sanjay's tough times and revealed that he did not spend a single rupee on the promotion of Khalnayak. Sanjay played the role of a wanted criminal in the film. When he was questioned about the promotion of the film Khalnay in an interview given in Bollywood Hungama, Subhash said that he never used Sanjay's legal dispute to promote Khalnayak.
Bollywood Hungama asked, "There was a lot of discussion when Khalnayak was released, Sanjay was a new face at that time, so what was your approach as a director. The way the whole world is seeing him in today's time. And at the same time in the film. So how should I market it so that it does not hurt anyone and I can do the film with the right positioning?

Which is the last climax scene in the end of Jail Ka Khalnayak in the movie. He shot when he came on leave after his arrest. Inside the shoot, we were about to shoot a Trimurti film, a part of it was also shot. After that he got a long sentence. But I never cashed this thing. It was against my charges. It is a very painful thing that you have an actor who gets stuck in such trouble and you cash in on him. You will be right that I did not spend even a single rupee in the promotion of Khalnayak. He sat silent. There was so much controversy of songs behind the chauli, 32 political units went against me, court cases happened. But I remained silent. I knew what film I had made. I knew what Sanjay Dutt is, I knew what was in the song behind the choli. You will not believe that the promotion of the film Khalnayak has the minimum budget of my life in the promotion. The least promotion was done for this film, because this film was a promotion in itself. He was talking everywhere. All I did was inform that this film is being screened in theatres. It is taking place on this day and this show is happening. We didn't do anything other than this. For this we approached very calmly."

Let us tell you that in April 1993, Sanjay was arrested under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act. While he was released on bail a month later, in 1994 his bail was canceled and he was arrested again. He was released from prison in October 1995.

Sanjay was convicted under the Arms Act by a TADA court in 2006, when he was found guilty of possessing a 9mm pistol and an AK-56 rifle, but was acquitted of the more serious TADA charges. He spent a few days in jail in 2007 but got bail in less than three weeks. He also spent time in jail from 2013 to 2016.

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