Consuming low-calorie sweeteners is not good in pregnancy

Consuming low-calorie sweeteners is not good in pregnancy

 Consuming low-calorie sweeteners during pregnancy can increase your baby's body fat and disrupt their intestinal microbiota. This has been revealed in a research published in the journal Gut. The gut microbiota consists of the trillions of bacteria and other microbes that live in the intestinal tract and affect our health and our risk of many diseases.

These findings, according to the researchers, are important because they affect the critical early years of life, especially during pregnancy and lactation.

Researcher Rellene Reimer of the University of Calgary in Canada said consuming low-calorie sweeteners is considered safe during pregnancy and breast-feeding, although evidence has come from human studies that it may increase body weight and other cardiovascular risk factors.

Reimer said that stevia, which is seen as a natural alternative to aspartame and other low-calorie artificial sweeteners, also showed a similar effect on increased obesity risk in early life.

According to the researchers, aspartame, an artificial sweetener, and stevia, a natural low-calorie sweetener, extracted from a plant native to South America, are 200-400 times sweeter than sugar.

To avoid high obesity, the use of low-calorie sweeteners has increased among women and children. But its increasing consumption increases the risk of obesity.

Reimer said understanding the impact of dietary content on maternal metabolism and gut microbiota can help define optimal maternal diets that promote a healthy future for both mother and child.

In this study on rats, a fecal transplant was used to show a direct effect of altered gut microbiota on increased risk of obesity. The results showed that the children of mothers who consumed low-calorie sweeteners had an increase in the amount of blood glucose along with an increase in weight.

The study noted that even if the offspring had never consumed sweeteners, changes in the mother's microbiota and metabolism were sufficient to alter the microbiota in her offspring and trigger obesity.

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If you are going to become a bride, stay away from this food, it can spoil the beauty

If you are going to become a bride, stay away from this food, it can spoil the beauty
A month before the wedding, girls start taking many special types of bridal makeup to enhance the face, but do you know that the beauty of the face is not only from the upper makeup but also from the inner beauty. If your body remains healthy, then a different natural glow can be seen on the face.
Stay away from these things:
# Junk food: Often girls prefer to take external oily diet due to lack of time or even habitually, but do you know that this diet plays an important role in making your body unhealthy as well as destroying your beauty. performs.
Artificial Sweetener: Sweeteners can prove to be very dangerous for your health. Along with harming your health, it spreads many diseases in the body.
# Caffeine: The amount of caffeine present in coffee is harmful to your health. Due to this, swelling starts in the body and due to the consumption of tea and coffee in the night time, sleep is also not complete. 
Salt: Consuming excessive amount of salt increases the amount of sodium in the body, due to which the blood pressure increases and heart-related diseases also increase due to increase in blood pressure. Due to this, the problem of inflammation and obesity starts in the body.
# Cheese made from maida: Avoid consuming refined foods or things made from maida like bread, pasta and Maggi etc., as they are difficult to digest. This increases body weight.

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