Despite vaccination, Australian citizens will not be able to travel overseas in 2021, government not ready to open border

Despite vaccination, Australian citizens will not be able to travel overseas in 2021, government not ready to open border

Australian citizens will face restrictions on travel abroad during the 2021 holiday despite Corona Vaccination. Hubs have been set up in every state and region on Monday to give Pfizer Vaccine supplements to Healthcare Workers, Border Force employees and the elderly.

Despite the vaccine's efficacy rate being 95 per cent, senior cabinet ministers have reduced the possibility of allowing Australians to travel abroad on holiday this year. Finance Minister Simon Birmingham is not in favor of opening the borders of a financially disadvantaged country.

Discussion will be held after vaccination

In an interview to Sky News, he said on Monday that we hope that there is no outbreak of the virus but we have to accept the reality that it can happen anytime. Senator Birmingham's wife Courtney Morcomb, who is the chief-of-staff of South Australian Liberal Premier Steven Marshall, was expected to help reopen the closed country's borders to prevent the spread of Corona's vaccine virus.

The senator said that after immunization of the elderly and the group closest to the risk, there will be discussion about relaxation in dealing with the risk. He said that I hope that the change in risk profile will enable us to open borders and continue more robust economic reforms.

Deaths do not stop until ...

Australian citizens have not been allowed to travel abroad until Health Minister Greg Hunt has stopped the local deaths from Kovid. He said that our first goal is security.

He announced on Monday that all Australian travelers would still be kept in a quarantine at the hotel even if they were vaccinated overseas as the Corona strain spread across Britain, South Africa and Brazil on which the vaccine proved ineffective Has been He said that for the time being they have received the vaccine for some time and those who have not received the vaccine, both will have to go through the hotel quarantine.

Prime Minister got vaccine

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison became the second Australian citizen on Sunday to be vaccinated by Pfizer. The first to be vaccinated was 84-year-old Sydney Grandmother Jane Malisek, who immigrated to Australia from war-torn Poland at the age of 13. The Prime Minister said on Monday that I had no side effects. Only a slight pain is felt in the arm, as happens after every vaccination.

Poisonous gas leaks at China's chemical fiber plant, 5 dead so far

Poisonous gas leaks at China's chemical fiber plant, 5 dead so far

Five people have died due to leakage of poisonous gas at a chemical fiber plant in China's Northeast Jiling Province. Apart from this, at least eight people have become ill. According to the local administration, this incident took place in Jilin city. The condition of sick people remains stable. According to local media, there was a short circuit due to lightning at 9.30 pm on Saturday. Because of this there was some disturbance in the breathing apparatus.

The Xinhua News Agency quoted the city's Emergency Management Department as saying that the condition of sick people is stable. The accident happened around 9.30 pm on Saturday night. There was a short circuit in the high voltage cable during production. Due to this, the power went out and the device that helped to breathe stopped.

About two hours later, at 11.10 pm, the power supply was again restored and in the process of reproduction, the employees came in contact with the poisonous gas. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where five were declared brought dead. Orders have been ordered to investigate the accident.

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